Experiences of two doctors who moved abroad and found employment

New reviews are brought by two specialists who, with our partnership, moved in quite different situations and also chose two different countries as their next location. Pathologist Jasna decided to go to Scandinavia, which was an earlier wish and is currently there for more than 2 years, while Željka moved to Germany in early 2020 and continued her career in paediatrics there.

Željka Vlastelica – Germany – paediatrician

I have currently been in Germany for 5 months now, where I am working as a paediatric specialist. The beginning was difficult, especially because I had problems finding the right accommodation, but in the meantime, I found an apartment and everything feels much better now.

My first contact with the employer was organized by your partners in Germany, and the communication with your parties was smooth and correct at all times. With instructions and help in organizing the paperwork, I had no problems getting a medical license in Germany.

My arrival at the hospital coincided with the initial wave of Coronavirus, which made it even more difficult to adjust, and made the schedule at the hospital quite strange, especially since it used to happen that with a B2 level of language I was left on duty alone, which is not easy. However, over time you gain that extra confidence with the language and it has become much easier, enjoyable and more comfortable both at work and in everyday life here in Germany.

Jasna Bacalja – Växjö (Sweden) – pathologist

I have been working and living in Sweden for the last 2,5 years. I came here with your help and on the recommendation of a colleague who has already moved by the whole process with your company. Scandinavia has been fascinating and interesting to me since before, but admittedly, my first choice was neighbouring Denmark at the beginning of the application, but in the meantime, a position opened in Sweden and I eventually accepted the offer in this beautiful city.

The communication in the process was extremely open and smooth on all fronts, so the hospital approached properly at the start, which is what I immediately liked. Everything that was needed was well organized, which is also the general situation in Sweden – there is less stress, working conditions are better, there is less bureaucracy and the systems are better organized. Interpersonal relationships in the hospital are also nurtured so most of the colleagues are approachable and full of understanding, which means a lot in the workplace. Even since the first day, I am satisfied with life in Scandinavia, and if I were in a situation where I would look for a new job, I would turn to you again for cooperation.


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Reports of our candidates who moved to Scandinavia

Saša Strahija – Eskilstuna (Sweden) – emergency medicine

I came to INCOR by searching the Internet for agencies that mediate the departure of doctors. Already at the first inquiry I quickly got the answer and the information that interested me, so I decided to go with you.

The dialogue in the process of finding a position and relocating to Sweden was fine. We had a few problems with the relocation itself and it turned out to be more stressful than we had planned, but in the end, it turned out well. The foreign language school is excellent. To be true, it’s very complicated and hard to learn a new language, but everyone is happy with the level of language we’ve learned which is great. We had help in organizing the arrival and we managed to find a very nice apartment in Eskilstuna. We are currently satisfied with life and what the city has to offer, although my wife is still looking for a job which I hope she will find soon so that everything will be even better.

The very beginning was difficult, especially considering that we came just before the pandemic. I imagined the system in the hospital a little differently and I didn’t know who to turn to for help, but now that some time has passed, the situation is better than it was at the beginning and I am happy where I am.

Mirela – (Sweden) – pathologist

We have been here for 10 months and it is very nice. Currently, we are enjoying the summertime and we took advantage of the warmer weather to stay in nature and near the lakes that Sweden is full of.

We found you by looking for job advertisements on the Internet. Just at that time, a competition opened in Sweden, which we applied for, and my husband and I were given a place in the same hospital. Everything went quite smoothly, the hospital did everything as they stated. Although at the beginning we thought it was a slightly smaller hospital, we got used to it because it is not “just working until you find yourself unconscious”, interpersonal relationships are right and they highly respect your time. There are a lot of colleagues from different countries in the hospital and my ward. They are all very friendly, and in general, the whole country is quite multicultural and open.

In communication during the process, I liked the approach to the whole project and the fact that we could talk about everything in Croatian. It was not always easy, but your colleague Zrinka helped with everything and instructed us what exactly we need to do and where to do it.

Children in Sweden have plenty of opportunities which are offered to them, so our girl did great in high school she came to and she is happy with the way they are working with them. They are well informed and organized, so it is easier for kids to cope in a different environment than the one they are used to.

The first apartment we came to didn’t suit us very well, but it was what we managed to find then. In the meantime, we found a new apartment that is much better for us, so we moved and now we are much better.


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Experiences of our candidates from Scandinavia

Afrodita Mustafa-Guguli – Sønderborg (Denmark) – pathologist

I was interested in Scandinavia from earlier and I heard from a colleague who went there with your assistance, so I decided to ask her for advice and learn about her experience. Even since the beginning of the application process and starting the communication process with you, I can say that everything was as we agreed and as it was said. The foreign language school impressed me a lot and they prepared us well, although, I must admit, it was a bit hard and intense to regularly attend lectures, learn and write homework.

From the moment we arrived in Denmark we had the support and everything coped nicely. When we landed we were welcomed by the apartment we had previously found and rented, and since it was not fully furnished, the owner of the apartment graciously helped us as we went together to buy the much-needed furniture.

The hospital has prepared everything in such a way that it is not too stressful for me, they helped with adjusting to the new health care system, showed me how to use the different templates and have assigned mentors who are here to help. Everyone is very thoughtful and caring, they are open and accessible and you can ask for help from anyone.

The whole process was a nice experience and everything went smoothly, so we had help with the relocations, adjusting to a new surrounding and a new job position, helping with registration and getting our CPR number.

Igor Šegec – Växjö (Sweden) – otolaryngologist

My wife and I have known Zrinka from earlier, so it was not a problem for us to learn more about the opportunities in the rest of Europe. We became interested in Scandinavia and decided to apply for the opening which led to both of us soon got jobs at the same hospital. I can’t say that we had any fear of leaving, we knew that the beginning would be difficult and that it takes some time to get used to the new. Life in Sweden is simply different – everything is more organized, there is not so much stress and problems, everyone is equal and the whole family enjoys this environment.

The hospital helped us when we arrived and the communication throughout the process was up to par. The language was admittedly a little hard and difficult to learn, but the same is understandable when you consider that you are practically learning a new language over a few months. At the hospital, work is generally slower than in Croatia and more time is spent with patients, colleagues are kind and you can always ask them something, and the whole system is digitalized and connected. The process of finding apartments is a bit different than the one we are used to and it is harder to come and rent a space that you like, but it is not impossible and can be done when you make an effort.


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Impressions from Sweden – reviews from our doctors

In order to bring you closer to the whole process of leaving and help build expectations, we decided to share a few reviews of candidates who have continued their lives in the Scandinavian countries. The series of reviews begins with Jaroslava and Ivana, who we asked about their experience of going through the whole process as we are carrying over a part of the conversations to you.

Jaroslava Pukšec Ćavarušić – Eksjö – anaesthesiologist

How did you come to us and what prompted you to start working together?

I’ve been thinking about leaving to another country for a while. Some colleagues have already gone through other agencies and during the research, I came across your Facebook profile, and after we contacted for the first time everything started very quickly and it took only 3 months to get my first job offer.

Did you have an idea of ​​what your departure would look like and did you have certain fears about the same?

We had an idea of ​​what this might look like, but there was also a fear of the new, the question of how we would adjust to the new environment. Currently, the husband is still looking for a job, and as we arrived just before the pandemic, the situation for him is even more difficult.

What attracted you to the hospital and the place?

We were attracted by the fact that the city itself is a bit smaller, everything in the area is nice and quiet. The hospital is a bit bigger than imagined, but the organization is really great and they provide everything you need. A lot is being done and the work is quite narrowly divided, but everyone is full of understanding and ready to assist. Although I am still new, they are already sending me to educations, and whatever any of the anesthesiologists decide it will be like that, others do not interfere in your work.

What did the communication look like throughout the process, from your angle?

In communication everything was great and you were always available for questions and information. The hospital thrilled me, the people are not cold at all and are kind and patient, they regularly help me around with the language and ask how it is progressing. I am also satisfied with the Swedish language school, they did their best and prepared us very well for our arrival.

Would you like to add anything?

From today’s perspective, I would be very sorry if we hadn’t tried and if we hadn’t come to Sweden. The situation is not ideal yet, due to the pandemic, but you need to be patient and everything will come to its own.

Ivana Bašić – Värnamo – cardiologist

How did you come to us and what prompted you to start working together?

I was thinking and reading some experiences on the internet and that’s how I came to you. Scandinavia has always been a wish of mine, and in the end, I endeavoured to make contact.

How did everything felt to you once you came to Sweden?

The very beginning was definitely not normal because we came during the pandemic, but we have adapted. We haven’t created a real impression of the place yet, but we look forward to exploring once the whole situation calms down.

What is your situation in the hospital?

The department itself is quite specific and has a lot of new people, so we’re just getting used to it. People are simple and friendly, both in the hospital and in the surrounding area, and it is great that the hospital has colleagues from our region, so you can always talk to someone in Croatian.

What did communication with us look like to you?

I liked that you were always at your service. Communication is simple and close and it helped us that we were able to talk about the process and the next steps in Croatian.

Do you have something you would like to point out?

The language course was a bit strenuous, a lot of work and really intense, but the rest is welcoming and I would recommend people who are interested in relocating to contact you if they’d like to start with simple.


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How do I write a good CV?

Your first contact with a potential future employer comes through your CV or resume. To better prepare for the introduction, in this blog, we bring information that will help you highlight the parts of your medical CV that are most important to hospitals in the country you are applying for, and at the very beginning, I briefly invite you to read a story from Dr Mark and Dr Dan.

Two doctors with similar qualifications are applying to competition for specialists in Sweden. Although both have similar demographic and educational characteristics, there is one big difference – Dr Mark decided to invest half an hour before completing his CV to gather as complete a description of the experience, skills and certificates he gained by attending various health congresses. He described his current position through several passages because he knows that a potential employer will not hire a specialist just assuming his experience and responsibilities. His colleague, Dr Dan, did not invest half an hour even just for filling out his CV form, and he listed only a few procedures he uses in his daily work and described his current position in 3 sentences. Although more time invested does not necessarily mean a better CV, Dr Mark presented himself better to the hospital, which opened the door for a Skype interview, and ultimately led to his move to Sweden.

The point of this short story is not subtle at all and lies in the fact that a good resume allows you to present yourself to the employer in the best light, which could be understood by the metaphor when a guy wants to approach the girl he glanced at. A good first impression will bring him an invitation and a first date where the couple will get to know each other thoroughly, while in case of a weak first presentation, the girl will simply wait for the next admirer 🙂

national cancer institute NFvdKIhxYlU unsplash

I understand, it’s important to make an effort around a CV. However, what should I focus on, what is important to emphasize?

This section primarily depends on the country you are applying for. Scandinavian employers pay the most attention to your skills and previous experience, and a well-filled “Clinical Skills” table is very important because based on the professional competencies the hospitals invite doctors for a Skype interview, which provides much better insight into the character match of a candidate and potential colleagues which are already working in the new hospital.

The CV form for the English-speaking area is somewhat different, and in addition to the table, which also needs to be filled in well, they also focus on a brief description of your daily obligations at work. It is necessary to use this part in such a way which will emphasize your strengths and parts of the current position in which you most enjoy working. In this section, you should not describe the skills and procedures and what they mean, because the person who will read your CV is familiar with the topic and is more interested in the domain that you regularly manage and which is in your daily responsibilities.

The German and French-speaking areas do not have particularly highlighted parts where they seek your experience, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to bother about it. Whether to insert a paragraph in the cover letter or briefly state skills and experience through job descriptions, it is certainly good to emphasize your skills because a CV that stands out among others and that highlights your good characteristics can only help when it comes to selecting the candidates for a Skype interview.

In addition to emphasizing your professional skills, the difference between a good and a bad CV could also be found by having:

  • A decent image (professional headshot is not required, but the used picture must be decent)
  • Neatly formatted text (avoid different font sizes and shapes in the same paragraph)
  • Text without grammatical errors (you can always check on tools like Grammarly if it is English)

– to be successfully employed in the position you are interested in, you do not need to be either Arnold Schwarzenegger or James Bond, but you must adapt to the employer in such a way as to emphasize the skills you have which are most important to them 🙂

Lastly, it is important to remember that a perfect CV does not exist. There will always be a part that you think didn’t present you in the best light. If you are still not sure that you listed and described everything properly, send us the latest version of your CV and we will provide advice and instructions on how to present yourself to potential future colleagues. Once you apply for the opening and when you receive an invitation for an interview with the hospital, prepare yourself with the help of a previously published blog: 7 important tips on how to prepare for a Skype interview.

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