7 important tips on how to prepare for a Skype interview

01. October 2019.

Whether you are having a video interview for the first time or are already an experienced Skype user, it is always a good idea to prepare on time, check extra information about the employer, and fix everything in your area to minimize the possibility of something going wrong during the interview.

To make the whole preparation process easier and to make sure that you really thought about everything, we bring you 7 tips where to pay attention when arranging video interviews online.

1. Study the employer
Given that you have already spent some time applying for a job application, you are probably familiar with certain conditions of employment. To be even more ready and avoid unpleasant surprises, take 30 minutes of your time to find out more about your employer, city, and country you are interested in. You never know what information could be useful and the more you know about a potential employer, you will be more relaxed, which leaves less room for unpleasantness.

2. Consider possible questions
Why did you decide to apply for this competition? What are your responsibilities in your current position? What do you think our employees’ workday looks like?
We have all already encountered questions of this or a similar form. Try to remember what questions you had to answer during your last job interview and think about what questions would you ask if you were on the opposite side of the screen. Compose your answers to these questions, and it would be a good idea to rehearse and think out loud at least once as you prepare for the interview.

3. Create notes
Whether you are in the kitchen, your living room or bedroom during the interview, you hold the advantage as the person you are talking to does not see your surroundings. Make the most out of this advantage and place a few post-it notes above the camera, next to your computer or in other strategic spots in the room. You never know if you will need a reminder and it is better to be ready than to be unnecessarily perplexed amid an important answer.

4. Take care of your surroundings and dress decently
Clean up the room. Remove that pile of paper that has been sitting on the table for days. Do not sit in the dark area. Use this video interview as an excuse to clean up the mess in the room, as no one wants to open a conversation with the person they would like to hire and see a messy bed in the background, leftovers on the table or spend 80% of the conversation trying to see your face because you are sitting in an unlit place. Also, having a conversation in the warmth of your home does not mean you can sit in your pajamas in front of the camera. Dress like you are going to an interview in an office, wear a shirt or a blouse, comb your hair and put on a wristwatch. Your appearance and attitude speak a lot about your character.

5. Check your Internet connection
Make sure your computer does not install new updates during the interview, that your family members do not stream YouTube in 4K resolution at the same time or that your mobile phone does not back up random photos exactly at the time of your job interview. Update Skype on time. You don’t want the quality of the picture and the conversation to be poor because of something that is not essential to be running at the same time and stalls your internet connection.

6. Eliminate potential distractions
Mute your smartphone and close the windows. Walk your dog half an hour earlier and be 100% focused on the conversation. Believe me, every side view is noticed and you certainly don’t want to look disinterested in the conversation.

7. Smile and be distinct
Lastly, the most important thing: be cheerful and distinct in your conversation. Make sure that the person you are talking to understands everything you said, give your best to present yourself in the best light and be yourself. You do not want someone to hire you and expect you to be something that you are not.


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