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Build your career in Ireland – new vacancies for doctors

New vacancies for healthcare professionals in Ireland have been published! This country of open and friendly people, rich culture and beautiful nature offers an excellent health and education system, a […]

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New tenders for healthcare workers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

During December and January, job vacancies were opened in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for all healthcare professionals. This central European area is rich in opportunities in hospitals, clinics and private […]

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New year, new job in Scandinavia

New Year’s resolutions are promises to ourselves that in the following year we will be a better version of a person. With these decisions, we try to fix the segments […]

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New specialist job ads in Scandinavia in November

Denmark, Sweden and Norway have announced new specialist jobs in Scandinavian hospitals that you can apply for during November. The process from application to relocation is completely facilitated and reduced […]

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Career opportunities for radiology engineers in Sweden

Career change opportunities and new challenges have opened up in Sweden for radiology engineers. New tenders have been opened in the Gävleborg region, where the hospital’s search for radiologists is […]

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Fully paid nursing competition – first in two years

The Scandinavian-speaking countries have prepared a new competition for nurses and technicians who are motivated by challenges and career changes. This fully paid nursing vacancy brings all the benefits of an […]

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Competitions for doctors in Scandinavia in October 2022.

Scandinavian hospitals are looking for health professionals who will join their teams with motivated colleagues. During this October, tenders are opened for doctors in Denmark, Norway and Sweden for doctors […]

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At the earliest beginning of autumn, new business offers have arrived in Ireland and the UK!

The English-speaking region offers new, numerous business opportunities in Ireland in September. This month UK offers have been put on a bit of a hiatus due to the current tighter […]

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German-speaking countries with the arrival of September 2022, also offer new business opportunities!

We say goodbye to the summer with a large number of incoming business offers from German-speaking countries. With the arrival of September, new business offers have arrived for healthcare professionals […]

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In the month of September, new job offers in 2022 knocked on the door!

In the month of September, new job offers in 2022 knocked on the door!

With the arrival of the new month of September, new tenders for job positions in Scandinavia have arrived. This is an ideal opportunity for healthcare professionals who have a great desire to start […]

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