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New openings for medical specialists in Scandinavia during May 2022

We have received the latest competitions in Denmark and Sweden, which are open to all doctors with previous experience in the EU. Denmark and Sweden are known for their constant […]

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Vacancies in the German-speaking countries during April and May 2022.

Although the same language is necessary to apply for job openings throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria, the job application processes are very different. We go over the requirements that must […]

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Job competitions in Scandinavia during April 2022.

Competitions in Sweden, Denmark and Norway are open to all doctors with previous work experience in the EU. As is expected for positions in Scandinavia, these offer top conditions in […]

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Vacancies in the German-speaking area in 03/22

German-speaking countries in Europe are bringing us new vacancies for doctors looking for a position during March 2023. To apply for the competition, you need to have an active medical […]

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Job competitions in Ireland and the UK during March and April 2022.

New job competitions are available for specialist doctors in the UK and Ireland. All competitions for these countries require a doctor’s license in the country you are applying for (whether it’s an active […]

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New openings in Scandinavia for March 2022.

New competitions for medical doctors are arriving from Sweden and Denmark. Scandinavia is open to all doctors with a minimum of 2-3 years of work experience in an EU member […]

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Job opportunities in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria for February 2022.

February 2022 brings us open positions in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Doctors interested in the German-speaking area are guided through the process of obtaining a medical license, and after the […]

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Open vacancies for doctors in Ireland in February 2022.

New positions for specialist doctors are coming from Ireland. To successfully compete in competitions in Ireland or the UK, it is essential to have a medical license in the country […]

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New competitions for specialists in Scandinavia during February 2022.

New vacancies in Sweden and Denmark have also arrived for February 2022. Vacancies are open to all specialist doctors who have 2-3 years of work experience in an EU Member […]

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Vacancies in Sweden and Denmark during January 2022.

The first month of 2022 brings us new vacancies for specialist doctors in Scandinavia. Specifically, vacancies have been opened in Sweden and Denmark whose hospitals are looking for specialist doctors […]

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