of doctors, medical personnel, dentists and pharmacists …

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in which we act as mediators by finding partners in the Balkans for interested companies in Scandinavia

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Have a long wished-for and necessary medical procedure performed by our excellent specialist doctors…

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About us

Incor Ltd. has been operational since April 2016 with the head office in Osijek, at the address Park kralja Petra Krešimira IV, 1, Republic of Croatia.

Incor Ltd. primarily deals in:

/ Informing and consultations / Recruitment of doctors, medical staff, dentists and pharmacists by acting as a mediator between candidates and foreign partners, for which INCOR acts as the exclusive representative in the Republic of Croatia for B2B meetings (mainly meetings in the sector of textile industry, diverse production industries, IT industry, dentistry industry and similar) / Harmonization of business relations in line with the GDPR for enterprises in the Republic of Croatia and abroad / Medical tourism

It is our wish to continuously expand our business and to strengthen the *two-way flow*, notably by finding employment abroad for our experts, on the one hand as an additional experience and on the other as additional vocational training, as well as to represent Croatia as an attractive destination for medical tourism and an attractive location for foreign investors (B2B meetings).


Attractive job competition for general medicine specialists in the UK

A unique opportunity for family medicine specialists comes to us from the UK where the National Health Service (NHS) provides the opportunity to the selected candidates who would have their […]

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New offers for doctors and specialists in Ireland

New interesting medical offers are coming to us from Ireland, which as usual has rich opportunities for both young doctors and experienced specialists. Consequently, the new positions this time are […]

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Job competitions in Denmark for September 2020

A new wave of interesting competitions is coming to us from the south of Scandinavia, more precisely from a country known for Lego bricks and numerous fairy tales by Hans […]

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Job competition for orthoptists in Sweden

A slightly different competition, which we have not had so far, comes to us from Sweden, which is looking for orthoptists. Orthoptists are experts in diagnosing and treating eye movement […]

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Positions for pathology specialists and clinical chemistry specialists in Sweden

The Swedish region of Gävleborg is looking for three pathology specialists who have previous work experience or education in the EU, are motivated to learn the Swedish language and are […]

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Family medicine specialists and psychiatry specialists positions in the south of Sweden

The south of Sweden, specifically the Jönköping region, brings an interesting opportunity for 4 family medicine specialists who are allowed to choose between 33 health centres and find the one […]

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Sweden is seeking medical doctors who are consultants in clinical chemistry

In Swedish Kalmar, two positions have opened for medical doctors who are consultants in clinical chemistry. These positions require regular collaboration with other staff and candidates are required to have […]

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Open position in Sweden for cardiology and internal medicine specialist

A clinic in Eksjö, which is found in Swedish Jönköping region, is looking for a specialist who is trained in the fields of cardiology and internal medicine. Doctors are required […]

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New oncologists positions in Denmark

Oncology specialists who have previous experience in providing medical care are extremely sought after in Denmark. In addition to the mentioned, specialists are required to have knowledge in radiation oncology […]

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Open positions for psychiatrists

The soothing of the situation in the world has indicated numerous changes throughout the health care systems, both in Croatia and in the world, and as well in Scandinavia. But […]

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4 open positions for medical staff in Sweden

In the largest city of the Swedish region of Östergötland, Norrköping, a job competition for nurses has been opened, with a preference for applicants interested in further training in psychiatry. […]

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Openings for ENT and audiology specialists

Are you a specialist in otorhinolaryngology or audiology? Do you want to pursue a career in a supportive environment that allows you to improve? Are you interested in an opportunity […]

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Current positions for healthcare professionals in Denmark

Quality hospital surroundings that are part of the Danish healthcare system are looking for doctors of different specializations. Overall conditions and systems in hospitals have been developed to professionally support […]

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Positions for medical staff in Sweden and Norway

Stable environments, attractive working conditions, professional development opportunities, a good work-life balance, and a multitude of natural beauties are just some of the benefits Scandinavia has to offer. Several hospitals […]

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INCOR is an exclusive representative of six foreign companies in the Republic of Croatia, which employ medical staff in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, france and Switzerland.