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About the recruitment of doctors, dentists and medical personnel:

At INCOR, we believe that an individual and personal approach to each candidate is crucial to make you feel comfortable during the process of employment and relocation to a new country. With the assistance of our partners in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the UK, Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we provide various opportunities for your career development with several types of employment (full-time or temporarily, employing specialists, but also finding specialization in certain countries). Our connections with hospitals across Europe will provide you with excellent opportunities as we guide you through the entire project, from preparing documents necessary for the application, instructions on how to obtain a work license or language certificate, to negotiating with employers, finding the apartment of your preference and eventually moving to your new home in your chosen country.

As each of us is in a unique situation, feel free to send us inquiries about what the process will look like for you at info@incor.hr, and during working hours you can also reach us at the official phone number +385995553322.


INCOR Ltd. primarily deals with:
  • Informing and consulting, recruiting doctors, dentists and medical personnel in the form of mediation between candidates and foreign partners
  • Harmonizing operations following the GDPR for companies in the Republic of Croatia and abroad
  • Medical tourism
  • B2B meetings (mainly meetings from the textile industry, various manufacturing industries, IT industry, dental industry and similar)

We strive to constantly expand our business and strengthen the ”two-way” employment of our professionals abroad which is for additional training and gaining experience but also to present the Republic of Croatia as an attractive destination for medical tourism and a desirable place for foreign investors (B2B meetings).

INCOR Ltd. has been operating since April 2016 with its headquarters in Osijek, Park kralja Petra Krešimira IV, 1, Republic of Croatia.