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At INCOR, we believe that an individual and personal approach to each candidate is crucial to make you feel best in the process of employment and relocation to a new country. Since 2016., together with our partners in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, UK, Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we provide various opportunities for your career development with several types of employment (permanent or temporarily contract, placing specialists, but also finding specialization in certain countries). Our connections with hospitals across Europe will provide you with excellent options as we guide you through the entire project, from preparing application documents for a job, instructions on how to obtain a work license or language certificate, to negotiating with employers, finding apartments of your choice and ultimately moving to your new home in your chosen country.


What does the process look like from the moment someone contacts us that they want to continue working as a healthcare professional abroad until the moment they move and start working in a new environment?

-> The process starts with the registration of a doctor/healthcare professional on our e-mail or contact phone. That is crucial as we approach each inquiry individually and try to get to know the wishes and goals of the doctor/nurse who reached us so that we can help decide on where to go. In other words, it is not the same when someone calls us and does not know which specific country would be best for him/her and his/her family or if someone has an exact country in mind. There is also a difference in whether a person wants an employment contract for an indefinite (permanent) period or maybe wants a shorter locum position that means a lot for learning new skills, meeting new colleagues, but also for additional earnings. Likewise, the process itself differs if a person decides to move to a Scandinavian country or to another country in which we operate.

The process for Scandinavia:

In case of interest in one of the Scandinavian countries, the process begins with receiving the CV and cover letter for which doctors/health professionals have our full support in creating and adapting a CV for the competitions in which they choose to participate. After collecting and preparing the necessary documentation for the competition, we will apply the candidate to the competition. After it, we organize a Skype interview and visits to the cities and hospitals that the candidate will be most interested in after the Skype interview. Visits to hospitals last 3-4 days and are organized for the candidate and his family to get to know the potential future environment. It is important to emphasize that all these visits are essentially informal and do not mean receiving or accepting a business offer. Candidates can visit as many cities and hospitals as needed to find the job that suits them best. After finding a job and signing a contract with the hospital, the candidate starts with a language course (Swedish, Danish or Norwegian) that takes place online and which the candidate studies from his own home. At this stage candidates no longer have to work at their home institution because the hospital pays them a scholarship for the duration of the language course. The language course lasts approximately 6 months, and for that period we are looking for accommodation (according to the wishes of the candidate and the family), arrange kindergartens/schools for children, initiate the process of obtaining a license, arrange employment opportunities for a spouse, organize relocation for the candidate and family and solve all current issues. After the relocation, we are still in contact with the candidate and his family as we help them in their assimilation into the new environment, and we also inform our colleagues from the HR office of the hospital where the candidate works. Our contact with the candidate and colleagues at the hospital helps to make the candidate and family feel “at home” at the new address as soon as possible and, most importantly, to be satisfied with the goals they told us at the beginning of the whole process.

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Process for other countries:

The process for other countries in which we operate is slightly different from the Scandinavian model. To be more specific, the process itself also begins with receiving the CV and cover letter and expression of interest in a particular country/countries. We also try to help candidates make the best decision based on what they expect from the new professional and private environment, the spouse’s profession (here we look at the most likely spouse employment options), children’s expectations, etc. When we get to the country the family would be most interested in, we guide the candidate step by step in the process of obtaining a license in that country. One specific document that is required to obtain the license itself and that the candidate must have is a language certificate. For instance, the required language certificate for the UK is either IELTS or OET, for the German-speaking area best ones to get are Goethe or ÖSD, but we will explain all this in detail when the candidate decides on a particular country. After obtaining the license (some 3-4 months are required to obtain a license), we present business offers that would be interesting to the candidate given the described expectations. We organize an interview that is either by phone or via Skype, and there is also a possibility to visit the hospital until you choose the job that suits the candidate best. Our further support is in the form of finding accommodation, employment opportunities for spouses, organization of kindergartens/schools for children, etc. Therefore, the main difference is that in the Scandinavian process a candidate first has to find a job and then learns a language and starts with licensing process, while in other countries learning the language is the initial step, followed by obtaining a license and then finding a job.

What is important to emphasize is that we work only with serious candidates that have a responsible approach to considering the idea of possible relocation for the reason that, this way, our time would be effective and maximized for such candidates. Candidates who need our services of providing the information, consultation and assistance services on options and processes for obtaining a license in foreign countries, as well as the other important information for deciding on relocation, and who do not want to actualize such decision or plan to seek employment, can get our services for a fee.