What are the advantages of learning a Scandinavian language?

23. April 2021.

  • You can compete in the markets of Sweden, Denmark and Norway
  • Possibility of online and temporary work
  • Training and education in a progressive Scandinavian market

“Quot linguas calles, tot homines vales”

We all know the good old saying “the more languages ​​you speak, the more people you are worth”. With each knowledge and learning of a new language, including one from the Scandinavian language group, you open new doors behind which there is a new opportunity, a new culture, new people and that is exactly what builds you as a person. Knowing a foreign language opens up various business and private opportunities that you might never have even dreamed about.

Have you ever thought how good it is for someone who learns Croatian and can talk to the people of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro at the same time? You can also be that person in Scandinavia. Once you learn, for example, Swedish, you are competent to communicate with neighbouring Danes and Norwegians, which also opens the door to employment in Denmark and Norway, with, of course, the possibility of employment in Sweden itself. Therefore, in addition to being able to move and continue living in Scandinavia, you are also opening up the possibility of working via the Internet, which can make every corner of the planet Earth your new home. These options are becoming more common as fields like telemedicine, working in the IT sector or digital services have been constantly expanding for years.

Švedski, Swedish, Danski, Danish, Norveški, Norwegian
What can I do with my knowledge of Swedish?

No matter what field you work in, there are opportunities for advancement outside your home country, and in addition to learning some of the Scandinavian languages, you can also compete in the progressive Scandinavian market. If you are in the medical profession, in addition to knowing Swedish which is one of the main conditions for obtaining a license, with the motivation and desire for additional education or subspecialization you can raise your skills and your career to a new level. If you are a person who loves to read, research and invest in knowledge, with the knowledge of a Scandinavian language you have the opportunity to combine work in practice and at the same time work in science with numerous universities and public institutions across the Scandinavian Peninsula. In addition to the opportunity to move your suitcases to Sweden or some other desired Scandinavian country for a longer period, there is also the possibility of occasional work in the beautiful north.

We all love to listen to stories and look at pictures of people who have travelled the world, seen different places and cultures. However, we all always prefer the photos that we took and we are always happy to remember the scenes that are etched in our memory. It is always easiest to return home, but to get on a plane and go abroad, gain life experience and become a person whose stories others will listen to and want to experience, is irreplaceable.

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