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09. November 2022.

There are many attractive potential job locations, so it is sometimes difficult to choose the ideal one right away. Each destination offers certain benefits and challenges, and each candidate is an individual. That’s why it’s important to ask the right questions and choose your priorities, because the decision is influenced by factors such as the plan to move for a longer or shorter period and whether you want more working hours and faster earnings or strive for a balanced working time.



This region, in which Denmark, Norway and Sweden are located, invests a lot of attention in ensuring that the needs of its residents are met. The salaries are excellent, the work is 36 hours a week, and the number of patients is legally limited to a maximum of 10 per shift. There is no hierarchy, so there is less stress, and there are many options for career advancement. Books are free, as are many activities, and free kindergartens, preschool classes and schools are provided for candidates with children. Healthcare and homes for the elderly are also free.

In search of happiness

The intertwined history of the Scandinavian countries has influenced traditions and common holiday dates, writers like Hans Christian Andersen have left a rich literary legacy, and minimalist, aesthetic design adorns many homes around the world. Minimalism and aesthetics are rooted in the culture, and the inhabitants mostly strive to achieve balance through moderation. They center their culture on achieving satisfaction and peace with oneself and simply enjoying existence. The goal is to experience many emotions, experience a sense of accomplishment and actively manage your decisions so that life doesn’t just happen. Connection with nature is very important in Scandinavian culture, so activities in nature are desirable for a positive impact on mental health. The culture of the Scandinavians will suit you if you are looking for long-term balance and stability in life with numerous options for growth and development. The relatively calm and slower rhythm of life ensures numerous moments for own hobbies and finding the source of happiness within ourselves.

In Scandinavia, the focus is on family, so there is the most content for those who want more time to focus on family, friends and favorite activities. If you are looking for harmony between life and work, this region is your ideal choice.


German speaking area

The area includes Austria, Germany and Switzerland, which are the most common choice for candidates with previous knowledge of the German language. Order, work and discipline are the first associations that come to mind when one thinks of this area, and the reason for this is the hierarchical organization and the long path in the career progression of healthcare professionals. The hourly hours of doctors in these countries are longer due to the large number of patients. The effort and work pays off in the end because the salaries are excellent, and in addition, excellent road connections and the proximity of Slovenia and Croatia are ideal for those who want to maintain a connection with their homeland or enjoy local sights.

In search of structure

The German-speaking people are guided by a simple rule: if everyone follows the rules, then the whole community will prosper. Organization, punctuality and respect for rules and laws in German culture are the result of logic and deliberation, so it is not surprising that the inhabitants of this area strive to follow the best practices. However, achieving organization and accuracy at the level of the entire region requires exceptional dedication from each individual. Work and discipline are extremely valued because they show the ability for long-term prosperity and the desire for overall betterment. Great emphasis is placed on the social component and care for the elderly and infirm members of the family and community. Joint dialogue is a way to solve problems, and hanging out with friends or loved ones over local beer and dinner is an integral part of the culture of this region. The culture of the German-speaking area will suit you if you prefer to act within the given framework, follow the rules and laws without neglecting the people around you.

If you choose this region, you can count on a lot of fun in your private time. Many cultural events, festivals, locations for excursions and other various activities enrich this region and bring excitement and dynamism to everyday life.


UK and Ireland

The island area of ​​Great Britain and Ireland is an ideal choice for those who are looking for quick and big earnings in a short time. If you are planning to move to one of these two countries, prepare for a long journey, because the waiting time for a medical license in these countries is about 6 months. The affluent area of ​​the UK and Ireland requires dedication through long working hours and a strict hierarchy, but on the other hand an excellent income. In addition, knowledge of the English language at a professional level is mandatory. This area also offers numerous facilities for relaxing from stress, so in your free time you can visit one of the historical buildings, drink a beer in one of the pubs or go on a family adventure.

In search of community

The UK and Ireland do not have an identical culture of living, but in both countries the emphasis is on family and friendly relations, tolerance and common dialogue. The reason for this is a multicultural society that respects the traditions and beliefs of its fellow citizens, and at the same time offers numerous opportunities for career advancement, education or cultural research. The excellent quality of life with a low level of crime and the availability of top-notch health and school systems make this island area a desirable destination for all those looking for an opportunity for a better life. The continuous desire for progress, greater knowledge and new experiences provides numerous options for earning and developing new skills, but to achieve the same requires long-term strength and endurance. The old town streets offer numerous historic pubs and places to relax where new friends are easily made, and numerous cultural events provide a variety of options for all enthusiasts of good music and art. Residents of Ireland and the UK care about their fellow citizens and are ready to help each other, so people who choose this area as their ideal destination can expect friendly help from the moment they move.

Regardless of which destination they choose, each of these areas is making visible efforts towards a prosperous society where numerous opportunities for advancement, personal development and community development are key factors in the satisfaction of the residents of these regions.

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