Bemaninng – extra job or a lifestyle

25. January 2023.

Are you a worker in Scandinavian healthcare and haven’t heard of Bemaninng? Then this is the right article for you because it reveals the potential for higher earnings for healthcare professionals who want to manage their time. Regardless of whether you are a doctor, nurse, radiology engineer or have some other specialization, if you have a license to work in one of the Scandinavian countries and want additional career opportunities, keep reading because here you will find all the information and necessary steps to achieve that goal.

Sweden, Norway and Denmark are well-known countries for their development and uniqueness compared to other European countries, but they also have something completely unknown to us. Despite good salaries in healthcare, additional work, known as “Extra jobb or Bemanning”, is very popular and desirable. Although Bemaninng is basically an additional job, more and more medical workers decide on this form of income by reducing the working hours in their home hospitals, and in order to embark on this adventure, two conditions must be met:

  • knowledge of Norwegian, Danish or Swedish at C1 level
  • having a license to work in one of the three mentioned Scandinavian countries

There are numerous advantages of this additional way of working, of which the additional income is the most prominent. Health workers are paid a much higher hourly rate for additional hours in some of the health institutions compared to the regular salary, and in addition to the hourly rate, transportation and accommodation are also provided. An additional incentive for accepting this type of work are opportunities for new acquaintances as well as upcoming experiences and tourist tours of new destinations with the family.

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Considering the higher paid hourly rate and the flexibility that Bemaninng provides, the choice of additional work depends on the preferences of the healthcare worker himself, so it is possible to open your own business, work when you have free time at your regular job or alongside work. The amount of work depends entirely on you, so you can work for a week, two or a month and then take a break and so on in a circle, or work 20% of your time in this way, and the rest at your primary workplace. It is necessary to point out that the option of extra jobb is also available to healthcare professionals who are not located in Scandinavia, but in another European country, but who meet the above conditions.

The experiences of healthcare professionals so far are extremely positive, and the majority of those who tried extra job first reduced the hourly rate of their permanent job to 75%, then to 50%, and in the end they completely switched to extra job or Bemaninng due to greater profitability and adjustment to himself.

If you want to try this type of work and increase your monthly income or gain new skills and experience – we can help you with:

  • finding extra work in any of the three countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark)
  • Swedish language course at Zrinka’s Swedish School

Take your destiny into your own hands and apply.

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