Branka i Nenad (Ljungby, Sweden)

13. March 2019.

Branka i Nenad are a nurse and a medical technician. Prior to their departure, they used to work in a hospital in Vukovar and now they live and work in Sweden.

“The moving process lasted a while; however, without the help of the agency it would hardly be possible. With regard to organisation, the journey for an interview was organised, the employment and all the necessary documentation that we obtained rather quickly in Sweden. The journey was paid and organised; we only had to board the plane and fly away. We were received warmly at the clinic, as it is usually the custom in Sweden. Regarding documentation, self-employment played a significant role, through which we got all the papers (personnummer). We were always treated kindly and our expectations were fulfilled. We warmly recommend this agency to anyone who wishes to start a life in Sweden, Denmark or Norway. For those who plan to move to Sweden, we also advise to learn the language intensively because it is essential, of course jointly with the education that one has obtained”.

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