What to do as a doctor after Brexit?

05. February 2020.

As previously stated, the NHS and GMC guarantee all doctors in the UK that their jobs will remain safe after Brexit, so relocation probably won’t be necessary.

If you have already decided that you would want to stay within the borders of the European Union, the markets of Ireland, Scandinavia and the German-speaking region offer plenty of options among which every healthcare professional can find satisfying conditions. Below we give a brief description and some information on what to expect from your potential destination.

In the meantime, feel free to visit our current offers and see what job competitions are currently open throughout Europe.


The most interesting market for doctors and nurses who enjoy the culture and lifestyle that the UK provides is the neighbouring country of Ireland. Namely, apart from the lack of a language barrier and geographical proximity, the lifestyle Ireland provides to its citizens is most similar to what the British enjoy every day, at least in Europe. One of Ireland’s great strengths is that wages in the medical sector are generally higher than in Britain, so with minimal cultural differences, low distance from the UK and saving precious time from learning a new language, doctors who decide that Ireland is their next destination can count on an average of 23% higher monthly remuneration than their counterparts who stay on the Great Britain island.

Scandinavian region

The Scandinavian region is known for its exceptionally high quality of life and Sweden, Norway and Denmark are regularly among the top countries when it comes to the researching satisfaction of their citizens in various segments of life, the so-called “Index of happiness”. In addition to being known to encourage people of all ages to be creative and to practise their hobbies, Scandinavians are also known for being extremely direct in communication, which to foreigners can sometimes leave an unfriendly impression. The similarities they share with the British are certainly a passion for enjoying fish specialities, a quality adaptation of modern systems and technologies in a business and hospital setting, and a respectable relationship that they have with other people regardless of their status and hierarchy.

If Scandinavia seems like a possible next step for your family and career, please let us know via the email and we will be happy to describe the whole process and tell you more about the free family-wide language course as well as the relocation subsidies offered by employers in these countries.

German-speaking region

The German-speaking area, which covers Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is of great interest to doctors who do not have a problem with this language and are willing to invest several weeks or months of life to adjust to life in a slightly different system. The Germans are known for their high value for thoroughness, precision and accuracy, and their working hours are strictly respected. It is these qualities that have led Germany to become the greatest force of the European Union, and hence you can be sure that quality and accessibility are reflected through all daily segments, whether you love nature and calm environment or you prefer urban centres and regularly going to shopping. The medical profession is respected in all the countries of this region, and you can request information on how you can obtain a license, ie “Approbation” in Switzerland, Austria or Germany via our mail or our Facebook and we will be happy to advise and assist you in finding the ideal workplace.


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