Careers in White, job fair in Zagreb

Careers in White, job fair in Zagreb, Croatia: May 2016, October 2016, March 2017, November 2017, May 2018, October 2018.

We have participated regularly as representatives of our partners, the Swedish company Li-reco, in the job fair for health workers in Zagreb, ever since 2016.

At these fairs, we present to all the attending, interested health workers the employment opportunities in Sweden, Denmark and Norway as well as describe the entire procedure. The procedure itself entails everything, starting from assistance, including the preparation of necessary documentation for job applications, applying for jobs, mentorship and guidance through the entire process of interviews and negotiations up to signing employment contracts with the desired employer.

Subsequently, we organize a language course for our candidates and their families, we search for a job for the spouse, kindergartens and schools for the children, we look for the desired accommodation for the candidates and their families (house, apartment), we prepare the documentation needed to obtain licences, we organize the transfer of all movable assets for our candidates and their families, we disburse a stipend during the Swedish, Norwegian or Danish language course and in general, and in general we offer all the help and support our candidates might need not just prior to arriving to their new work place, but also after commencing work at the new post.

In Zagreb, at job fairs for health workers that are organized twice per year, we have had the opportunity to talk to about 300 interested candidates.