How to get a medical residency in Germany?

07. October 2020.

A large number of doctors who are familiar with the German language see this country as the first step towards the future role of a medical specialist. The same is completely understandable since a large number of foreigners live in this country and it has provided an opportunity they could not find in their home country. To make it easier to seize your opportunity, we bring you a brief description of the process that every new medical doctor seeking specialist training, or residency, in Germany must go through.

To specialize in Germany, doctors who have completed their education in any EU/EEA member state must exhibit their knowledge of the German language at a satisfactory level. With the automatic recognition of professional qualification, doctors are not obliged to perform additional internships, as is the case in some countries, but can begin with the residency as soon as they agree with a hospital. Of course, by leaving the search for the desired specialization to us you focus more on taking the oral test of medical German. Fachsprachenprüfung (FSP) requires an extremely high level of comprehension of the German language which is almost at the C1 level, so this oral exam should not be taken for granted. Once you have passed the FSP and collected all the necessary documentation, you apply to the competent authority of the region in which you want to find a specialization. It is worth noting that Bavaria does not require a certificate of language proficiency, which is mandatory for other regions, but the candidate must know the language at a satisfactory level and have passed the FSP. You can read a more detailed list of documentation required to obtain a medical license “Approbation” here.

In summary, for any doctor who is looking for a specialization in Germany, it is necessary to:

  • Know the language at a minimum B2 level
  • Pass the Fachsprachenprüfung (FSP)
  • Prepare the necessary documentation

Once you have all the conditions met, we will present you with specific offers and connect you with potential future employers so that you can negotiate on all the conditions (of course, provided that both parties are interested). We are always advising to read 7 tips on how to prepare for a Skype interview to maximize your chances of success.


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