[GUIDE] License for Medical Laboratory Technicians in Sweden & How to Get It

25. March 2024.

Today, it’s relatively easy to obtain a license for medical laboratory technicians in Sweden, especially for experts from the European Union.

This encompasses medical laboratory technicians who have obtained education within the EU or have satisfactory work experience in one of the EU member states. We will focus on them the most in the rest of this article.

However, many facts presented here are also valid for non-EU healthcare workers, such as medical laboratory technicians who received their education in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, or Turkey. The only difference is that the process for them is somewhat more complicated and implies additional conditions.

We will also briefly mention them below.

Zastava Europske Unije na kojoj leži stetoskop
Obtaining a work license in Sweden is much easier for EU medical laboratory technicians.

A License for Medical Laboratory Technicians in Sweden – Prerequisites

There are 3 basic prerequisites for obtaining a work license for medical laboratory technicians in Sweden:

✅ adequate education,
✅ C1 level of Swedish, and
✅ work experience (sometimes).

1. Adequate Education

The first condition is that the applicant has:

a) graduated from the faculty of medical biochemistry, and/or
b) completed high school for laboratory technicians.

So even if you haven’t gone to college, you can still get a medical laboratory technician license in Sweden if you have a Confirmation from your previous employer about all the tasks you were doing independently and on which machines you have been working.

2. C1 Level of Swedish

The second important prerequisite is having at least C1-level knowledge of Swedish. As we’ll see below, you’ll have to prove this by submitting a copy of a certificate or a diploma.

The good news is that knowing Norwegian or Danish at a C1 level can be accepted as a replacement for Swedish. This is because the three languages are very similar (like, for example, Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian).

💡 The opposite is true as well. If you want to work in Norway or Denmark, a C1 level of Swedish can also be considered an adequate substitute.

If you want to start learning Swedish on time and with a proven teacher, we suggest Zrinka’s Swedish School.

3. Work Experience (Sometimes)

In this article, we’ll mainly give advice for medical laboratory technicians who got their education within the EU. However, if you got your education outside the EU, a minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience in one of the member states is also a prerequisite.

For example, let’s say you are a Swiss citizen and you got your education there. If you have already worked in Denmark for 3 years, you still meet the requirements for a work license despite not being a citizen of an EU member state. You are nevertheless considered an EU healthcare worker thanks to your work experience.

Zdravstveni djelatnici u bijelim kutama u laboratoriju

About Medical Laboratory Technicians in Sweden

In Swedish, medical laboratory technicians are called ‘biomedicinsk analytiker‘ (read: biomedicinsk analitiker; BE-EM-A). According to some sources, their base salary ranges between 28,000 and 35,000 SEK a month, or between 2451€ and 3064€.

We learned more about the work conditions in laboratories and life in Sweden from Antonela, a medical laboratory diagnostics engineer whom we helped move and find a job. Here’s what she had to say:

📈 OPPORTUNITIES FOR PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL GROWTH: “In Croatia, it was not right to ask your boss to send you for additional training. Here it is normal and desirable. I am constantly reading, researching and educating myself about new and improved ways of working. I work in a multinational team, which is very good. You can learn something new from everyone.”

🔍 MORE RESPONSIBILITY: “Here, it’s not normal to think ‘oh, well, someone else will finish what I started.’ Everything is completed on time and must be checked. People are more responsible about what they do. Everything is better organized. Colleagues are ready to help you and show you everything.”

🤝 EQUALITY AND RESPECT AT THE WORKPLACE: “I have more free time, there is no judgment, no subterfuge, no false authorities, ethical principles are respected. No raised tones, insults. We talk to each other, we respect other people’s ideas. A lot of attention is paid to safety in the workplace. It was not like that in Croatia.”

🏥 AVERAGE WORKDAY: “I work at the Department of Transfusion Medicine and Clinical Chemistry. There, I am currently working on devices that I did not have the opportunity to work on in Croatia. In the morning when I arrive at the workplace, I disinfect all surfaces, start the computers, prepare reagents for device calibration, perform controls on the devices. After that, I review all the daily, weekly and monthly protocols. I control the measurements of samples of blood, urine and other body fluids. After that, I check whether all searches have been done correctly. You leave nothing undone. I always take notes and use a variety of tools to help me stay on top of everything every day.”

How to Obtain a Work Licence in Sweden – Papers

In order to obtain a license, medical laboratory technicians must submit the following documents:

1. A filled-out application form (available on the Swedish Medical Chamber website)

2. A copy of a valid identity card or passport

3. Extract from the register of marriages translated into English or Swedish by a court interpreter (if the applicant has a different surname compared to the one on the documents)

4. Copy of certificate of passing C1 in the Swedish language

5. Diploma of completed medical biochemistry faculty or certificate of completed high school for laboratory technicians translated into Swedish or English by a court interpreter

6. Certificate from the Chamber of Laboratory Medicine Engineers in the home country, which states that the person has not committed professional mistakes and that they are allowed to practice their profession in the home country (‘Certificate of Good Standing’)

– a translation into Swedish or English by a court interpreter is also required

– the certificate is valid for 3 months; a new one must be obtained if the applicant doesn’t submit all necessary documents within 3 months to the Swedish Chamber

7. Certificate from the competent chamber, for example, the Chamber of Medical Biochemists

– the so-called EU certificate stating how the education of the person applying for the license was obtained in accordance with Article 11 of the EU Directive 2005/36/EG

8. Certificate from the college or school about the subjects the person took during education (diploma supplement) – also translated into Swedish or English by a court interpreter

9. Confirmation of the paid fee for document processing of SEK 870.00 (amount valid on March 7, 2024)

Zrinka’s Swedish School

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Zastava Švedske s tekstom hall dig hemma

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