How to Get a Dentist’s License in Sweden [A Guide]

17. June 2024.

As we already wrote in our previous posts (obtaining a license for radiology engineers, medical laboratory technicians, and medical nurses and technicians) it’s never been easier to get a license for healthcare workers in Sweden, especially if you’re from another EU member state. 

The same applies to getting a dentist’s license in Sweden. The only condition for dentists from the EU is knowing Swedish or related languages at a C1 level, which we’ll discuss more below.

We’ll also briefly discuss the additional requirements you need to meet if you’re a dentist from outside the EU.

Let’s get to the concrete steps you need to take to get a dentist’s license.

💡 Below, we’ll mainly talk about how you can get a dentist’s license in Sweden, but many of the requirements also apply to Denmark and Norway.

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Dentists in Sweden – 3 Fun Facts

  • In Swedish, dentists are called tandläkare (read: tand-lekare).
  • After you submit all necessary documents, you’ll wait 2-4 weeks on average for your license to be approved.
  • The base salary for dentists in Sweden is between 34,000 and 37,000 SEK a month, which is equivalent to ~3020€ and 3286€.

Get a Dentist’s License in Sweden – The Prerequisites

There are 3 main prerequisites you need to meet if you want to get a dentist’s license in Sweden. Firstly, you must have adequate education. Secondly, you’ll need to know Swedish or a related language at a C1 level. And, thirdly, you’ll also need some previous, relevant work experience in some cases.

1. The Necessary Education

First and foremost, you’ll need adequate education to get a dentist’s license in Sweden.

More precisely, you’ll need to have completed a faculty of dental medicine. As evidence of this, you’ll need to submit a copy of your diploma translated into Swedish or English by a court interpreter. We’ll talk more about the necessary documents below.

If you got the majority of your education outside of the EU, a competent authority may need to do some additional assessments and verifications.

2. C1 Level of Swedish or a Related Language

The second prerequisite for getting a dentist’s license is having a C1 language certificate or a diploma. Three options are acceptable: a C1 level of Swedish, Norwegian, or Danish. These languages can be compared to Croatian, Bosnian, and Serbian, which is why they can be used interchangeably.

💡 You can use a C1 level of Swedish as an adequate replacement for a C1 level of Norwegian or Danish. The opposite is true as well; a C1 level of Norwegian or Danish can replace a C1 level of Swedish.

3. Work Experience (In Some Cases)

As we’ve already mentioned, dentists who got their education outside the EU (for example, in Turkey or Serbia) have to fulfill an additional criterion alongside the ones we’ve already listed—more specifically, they’ll need to have relevant work experience in some of the member states.

The minimum requirement is 3 years of previous work experience in the EU.

You don’t have to meet this requirement if you’re from the EU, i.e., if you got your education in a member state.

How to Get a Dentist’s License – The Necessary Documents

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To get a dentist’s license in Sweden, you will need to submit the following:

1. A filled-out application form available on the website of the Swedish Medical Chamber

2. A copy of a valid identity card or passport

3. Excerpt from the register of marriages translated into English or Swedish by a court interpreter (only if your last name is different compared to the one on your documents, e.g., your diploma)

4. A copy of a certificate or a diploma of the C1 level of the Swedish language

5. A copy of your diploma from a faculty of dental medicine translated into Swedish or English by a court interpreter

6. A certificate from your country’s Chamber of Dentists (Certificate of Good Standing), which states that you have not committed professional mistakes and that you are allowed to practice in your home country

• A translation into Swedish or English by a court interpreter is also required.
• The certificate is only valid for 3 months. If you haven’t submitted all the papers to the Swedish Chamber in that period, you will need to re-obtain this certificate.

7. A certificate from the Chamber of Dental Medicine (so-called EU certificate) stating that your education was obtained in accordance with the EU Directive 2005/36/EG or, more precisely, articles 37, 34, and 23.

8. A confirmation from your faculty about the courses you took during your education there (diploma supplement) – also needs to be translated into Swedish or English by a court interpreter

9. A confirmation that you’ve paid the fee for document processing, in the amount of SEK 870.00 (amount valid on May 27, 2024)

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Living and Working in Sweden

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