How to Obtain a License for a Medical Nurse and Technician in Sweden

18. March 2024.

This guide will teach you how to obtain a license for a medical nurse and technician in Sweden if you’re an EU healthcare worker. Today, the process is fairly simple and, we could even say, automatic. 

Before we begin, though, we should know that the term ‘EU healthcare worker’ refers to every healthcare worker already working in the EU.

In other words, a person does not have to be a citizen of an EU member state in order to be considered an EU healthcare worker. Swiss citizens already working in Denmark, for example, would fall into this category, too.

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5 Interesting Facts About Medical Nurses/Technicians in Sweden

1. In Sweden, medical nurses and technicians are called ‘sjuksköterska’ (read: shukshuterska or hukhuterska).

2. 9 out of 10 medical nurses/technicians in Sweden are women.

3. The average pay is around 354,684 Swedish krona a year, or around 31,635 euros. That equals to about 2,636€ per month.

4. The starting salary ranges between 20,000 and 30,000 krona a month, or between ~1773€ and 2659€.

5. Sweden currently lacks qualified medical nurses/technicians, so they’re very much in demand.

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Important Prerequisites for Obtaining a Work License in Sweden

There are 3 basic prerequisites for obtaining a work license for medical nurses and technicians in Sweden:

✅ adequate education,
✅ C1 level of Swedish, and
✅ work experience (sometimes).

1. Adequate Education

The good news is that Sweden accepts nurses/technicians with both a relevant college degree and a high school diploma. Without either, however, you can’t obtain a work license in Sweden.

2. C1 Level of Swedish

The second important prerequisite is having at least C1-level knowledge of Swedish. As we’ll see below, you’ll have to prove your knowledge with a copy of your diploma or certificate of passing the exam.

It is also possible that knowing Norwegian or Danish at a C1 level will be accepted as a replacement for Swedish. This is because the three languages are very similar (like, for example, Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian).

💡 The opposite is true as well; if you want to work in Norway or Denmark, a certificate of passing the C1 level of Swedish can also be accepted.

If you want to start learning Swedish right away, we suggest taking a look at Zrinka’s Swedish School.

3. Work Experience (Sometimes)

In this article, we’ll mainly give advice for medical nurses/technicians who got their education within the EU. However, if you got your education outside the EU, a minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience in one of the member states is also a prerequisite.

This is where the example we mentioned in the intro comes into play.

So, let’s say you are a Swiss citizen and you got your education there. If you have already worked in Denmark for 3 years, you still meet the requirements for a work license despite not being a citizen of an EU member state. You are nevertheless considered an EU healthcare worker thanks to your work experience.

How to Obtain a Work Licence in Sweden – Papers

To obtain their license in Sweden, medical nurses/technicians need to submit the following:

1. A filled-out application form available on the website of the Swedish Medical Chamber

2. A copy of a valid identity card or passport

3. Excerpt from the register of marriages translated into English or Swedish by a court interpreter (if the applicant’s last name is different compared to the one on their documents)

4. A copy of the diploma of C1 in the Swedish language

5. Diploma of completed nursing faculty or certificate of completed high school for nurses/technicians translated into Swedish or English by a court interpreter

6. Certificate from the home country’s Chamber of Medical Technicians, which states that the person has not committed professional mistakes and that they are allowed to practice in their home country (‘Certificate of Good Standing’)

– a translation into Swedish or English by a court interpreter is also required
– it is only valid for 3 months (if 3 months pass and everything has not been submitted to the Swedish Chamber, the applicant must obtain a new certificate)

7. Certificate from the Chamber of Med. The so-called EU certificate of technicians/nurses stating how the education of the person applying for the license was obtained in accordance with one of the articles from EU Directive 2005/36/EG (Article 23, 31, 33, or 33a).

8. Confirmation of the paid fee for document processing of SEK 870.00 (amount valid on March 7, 2024)

Zrinka’s Swedish School

Complete the C1 language level and prepare to move to Sweden with the help of Zrinka, our HR-consultant and lecturer with 13+ years of experience.

Zrinka Stanić, PhD, a HR-consultant, permanent court interpreter for the Swedish language, master of law, and lecturer.

You can begin with the level you’re currently on because Zrinka’s Swedish School has courses for all levels up to C1. As part of your course, you also get additional resources, assignments, and free consultation about working and moving to Sweden.

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“With the Swedish language course I attended from Zrinka, I managed to work and live normally all the time. The whole course lasted approximately 1.5 years and we passed everything necessary from A1 to C1 level of language proficiency. We were adjusting a lot around the appointments, Zrinka is flexible in that regard at your service. When I passed the C1 level, the team from INCOR helped me and instructed me on how I could get a work license in Sweden, helped me organize my CV, explained what documentation is needed and how everything needs to be prepared.”Iris Đipalo Juretić

“The Swedish course went very smoothly and it was not hard for me to learn a new language, it was easy to click on everything with Zrinka. We had lectures twice a week for 1.5 hours at the initial levels of the course, and later more often, so in a total of 1 year and 3 months, I managed to learn and pass the Swedish language at the C1 level required to apply to the medical chamber. (…) Zrinka prepared us really well, the courses via Skype were ideal for me and I managed to study and work at the same time. When I was nearing the end she additionally assisted with information about sending the documentation and advice regarding CV and applications to job openings.”– Lucia Španjol Pandelo

A1-B2 courses are held both in real time via Skype or Zoom as well as via pre-recorded videos you can watch in your free time. C1-C2 courses are held exclusively in real time. Once you finish your course, you get a certificate. ✅

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Tim liječnika gleda u kameru i smiješe se

Medical Nurse/Technician in Sweden – How Does That Look?

Instead of telling you about the workdays and work conditions ourselves, we’ll use reviews from medical nurses and technicians whom we’ve already helped move and find a job in Sweden.

Here’s what they had to say:

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 WORKERS’ RIGHTS: “The rights of workers are respected, and all questions regarding changes related to working hours, wages, or difficulties at work are taken to HR (Human Resources) in order to protect the employee.”

💼 FLEXIBLE WORK OPPORTUNITIES: “The advantage for people who want to work several different jobs or don’t want to be tied down by permanent employment is that there are four different types of employment, namely fixed and indefinite work, substitutes (“vicaries”) for permanent workers who are currently absent due to temporary interruption of work (“tjänstledighet”) and sick leave, and the fourth type is hourly employment (“timvikarie”).”

🤝MORE RESPONSIBILITY, FREEDOM, AND RESPECT: “The differences that I have personally seen in the work of nurses/technicians in Sweden versus Croatia is that many medical procedures and examinations performed by nurses/technicians are authorized by doctors. Through work experience, greater responsibilities and independence are gained in the work with some procedures that, for example, in Croatia, are still performed by doctors.”

😎 FACILITATED WORK: “The work of a nurse/technician in Sweden is facilitated by auxiliary nurses (“undersköterskor”) in every department, clinic, and medical team, as well as in homes for the elderly and people with special needs and home care. Nursing assistants are licensed for their work and there are many possibilities for further specialization. They are the right hand of the nurse/technicians and of course the whole team.”

🏥 AVERAGE WORKDAY: “For the first hour we talk to patients of General Internal Medicine, and for the next two hours we talk to patients with neurological diagnoses. The purpose of counseling is to help patients with new health situations, exacerbations, side effects, and practical confirmations related to a specific diagnosis. We listen to the patients and try to solve the problem. But if it’s something more complicated and requires a doctor’s opinion, we consult our doctors and pass the answers back to the patient. The rest of the day is spent solving tasks and questions related to patients who come to the communication digital platforms where we nurses/technicians work.”

  • Sonja Škrinjarić, medical nurse

📈 ADVANCEMENT OPPORTUNITIES: “After two years of working in Sweden, I was given the opportunity to study to become a specialist medical technician, which was fully paid for by the hospital itself. So that studying isn’t too stressful, the hospital gives you 100% of your salary, even though you only work part-time during those two years of study.”

🚛 RELOCATION PROCESS: “The moving process went great. The agency found me an apartment and paid for the move, so there really wasn’t any great stress from today’s perspective.”

  • Mateo Vlahović, medical technician

Bilježnica na kojoj piše "Learn Swedish" iznad zastave Švedske

Master Swedish and Become More Competitive!

There’s a possibility that the hospital that wants to employ you pays for your language course. If you’ve already arranged a job for yourself, you can complete your Swedish course at our language school.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a job yet – you’ll get it more easily with a completed C1 level of Swedish. Zrinka’s Swedish School can help you with that, too.

Start today! The sooner you do, the sooner you can leave for Sweden. Choose your course here. 


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