Hybrid learning – the most innovative way to master a foreign language

02. December 2022.

Hybrid learning is the most innovative way of studying a foreign language. This method combines lectures on the platform, exercises, tasks that the participant accesses from their computer, and live lectures in small groups of up to 4 participants where you are always surrounded by new people. In these classes, the mastery of the material is controlled until the moment of the last lesson.

Digital learning platform

Zrinka’s Swedish school offers the best language learning solution through the Thinkific platform using a hybrid learning method. Students of the Swedish language school have the ability to follow all content, download documents, submit homework, ask questions and more.

Every student of the school, after registration, has the possibility to enter the dashboard on the platform, where he can see all available courses, choose, i.e., enroll the desired one and monitor the progress during the entire learning period. Click on an individual course to find out more detailed information about each course, register or book your appointment for a live lesson.

After you have chosen the desired course, we start with the lessons. The lectures are enriched with video and audio lessons that you follow at your own pace. You can look at them again whenever you want, for example to remember a phrase or to practice speaking a difficult sentence. At the end of the lesson there are exercises that repeat and reinforce the learned lesson.

Practical knowledge and lessons from life

Each lesson is designed to provide students with additional knowledge about Swedish culture, so the A1 level course covers Swedish cities, the A2/1 course covers famous sights, and the B1/1 course covers holidays, festivals and traditions. For candidates who have mastered these levels, at B1/2 we expand our knowledge with the most delicious traditional Swedish foods, recipes and dishes, at B2/1 we get to know the classics of Swedish cinematography, and at B2/2 we are ready for more practical knowledge from everyday life, so we study here how to get a personnummer (like OIB), open a bank account or get health insurance.

The lessons are very easy to follow, and during the lectures it is possible to ask questions through the discussion window. Your progress through the material is visible along with your enrolled courses, and a Facebook group has been created for participants in which movies, series, music, news, information about life in Sweden and other relevant information are published.

Additional benefits for students of Zrinka’s Swedish school

School participants have the option of choosing how to purchase courses. In addition to individual courses, you can also order them in groups with a discount, so you can buy, for example, A1 and A2/1 language level at the same time and save money. This option makes it easier and saves money for participants who want to learn the language to a certain degree and who know in advance how many levels of courses they need to achieve their goal.

And in addition, you can also gift a Swedish language course to a loved one with a gift voucher.


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