Zrinka Stanić, owner of INCOR, in medical newspapers for October 2020.

12. October 2020.

In the 193rd edition of “Liječničke novine”, Zrinka Stanić and INCOR participated in an interview in the main topic of this issue “Neither the knowledge, work nor effort of doctors is valued in Croatia”. As the owner and director of the agency, Zrinka contributed by describing the job application process in the EU and EEA, while INCOR is indirectly listed in the context of the agency and the company for human resource management in healthcare.

You can find the published interview with Zrinka Stanić here, and below we bring you a translated quotation that was singled out by Liječničke novine.

“What does the process of looking for a job abroad look like in reality was explained to us by Zrinka S., M.Sc. in Law and PhD student at the European Studies, director of a company that deals with human resources management in healthcare.

“The difference is whether a person wants to go to an employment contract for an indefinite period or maybe to a shorter locum position, which means a lot for learning new skills, meeting new colleagues, but also for additional earnings. Likewise, the process itself differs if a person decides to move to a Scandinavian country or to another country in which we operate. The main difference is that in the Scandinavian process, a person first finds a job, then learns the language and finally obtains a license, while in other countries it is first necessary to learn the language, then obtain a license and only then find a job. “

There are three categories, continues Stanić, of doctors interested in working abroad. They are doctors who want permanent employment, doctors who are interested in locum positions that can last from two weeks to a year, depending on how much that person can get unpaid leave, and doctors who are interested in specialist training who can choose whether to stay abroad or return to Croatia. Scandinavian countries are mostly looking for specialist doctors, while other countries are also equally looking for doctors without specialization. All specialists are in demand and there is a different need in each country. The most requested specialists in the last two years are radiologists, pathologists, psychiatrists, family medicine specialists, internists with subspecializations and emergency medicine specialists. The most common reasons for thinking about leaving and relocating, Z. S. continues, are primarily poor working conditions in Croatian health care institutions. For most, it is dissatisfaction with interpersonal relations in the department where they work, inability to progress, strict vertical hierarchy, inappropriate salary, etc. For young doctors without specialization, the reason for leaving is mostly related to the possibility of specialization of the desired medical orientation without the need for specializing in another health facility.

I can rightly say that Croatian doctors are extremely appreciated and sought after abroad. In each procedure in which we participated, we also receive a report from the employer on the work of the candidate after six months and after one year. Employers are mostly very satisfied with the knowledge, skills, work and progress of Croatian doctors. Our education system generates excellent doctors, who are gladly chosen by foreign employers. “

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