How to find a job in EU/EEA? – Incor’s guide for medical professionals

11. August 2021.

here should you start the search? Since this is a specialization that we deal with here in Incor, in this article we will share a few details that will help you choose the ideal destination for your next job.

1st step – in which countries can I apply for a job?

Employers in Europe are generally more closed or open to certain specializations and orientations, which of course depends on the supply and demand of jobs. For example, Scandinavia is closed to general practitioners who do not speak fluent Swedish, Danish or Norwegian as they are entirely focused on hiring specialist doctors, to whom they are willing to pay the costs of learning the language. In this case, the general practitioner has the option to take a language course and obtain a license in Scandinavia, or to focus on, say, the German-speaking area, which is open to all general practitioners who know the language at the B2-C1 level. Detailed information provided by countries that are open to your medical orientation can be found here, and in case you are looking for specific and up-to-date information for your specialization, it is the best idea to contact us directly.

2nd step – get acquainted with the employment process in a particular country

Since the recruitment process varies from country to country, it is necessary to find out the necessary information to get a rough idea of ​​the journey that awaits you to move abroad. In case you are interested in some of the countries in which we provide placement, you can get acquainted with the process at this link, where you will also immediately see what documentation is required when applying for the job opportunity. Once you are familiar with the process and have an idea of ​​what awaits you when applying, we need to start preparing the documentation.

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3rd step – preparing the necessary documentation for the application

In this step, we work together to prepare the documents required to apply for a job in EU/EEA. Because each country has certain criteria that it values ​​more with the candidate, we tailor each application individually to the country you are interested in. In practice, this means that applying for a job in Ireland is more focused on the technical aspect and emphasizing your professional skills and experience, while your application for Sweden, in addition to well-written skills, is also focused on getting to know your traits and character as Swedes pay more attention to character fit.

4th step – sending your application

After focusing on one country, getting acquainted with all the necessary information about the culture and the employment process and preparing all the necessary documentation, we start applying for open competitions and look for a position that would suit your preferences. It is important to note that looking for a job abroad is primarily a process during which not every employer will be a good fit for you, but you will also not suit every employer. This requires a great deal of patience and depending on the feedback we are additionally working on improving the application in order to increase the chances of success on the next application.

If this information brings you closer to the application process, but you still can’t decide on taking the first step, contact us through the mentioned channels and we will discuss the available opportunities.

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