5 reasons why it is good for doctors to have international work experience

28. October 2020.

Working abroad has many advantages that are not so obvious at first sight. Of the many benefits appreciated by doctors with foreign experience, we decided to highlight the 5 most interesting which, in our opinion, greatly contribute to doctors who decide to return home from another European country.

If you are interested in what the process of employment and going to another country looks like, our colleague Zrinka described the same process in detail in an interview for National Medical Newspapers.

  1. 1. Acquiring new skills and experience

Work experience in the profession plays the biggest role whether you are applying for a new job or looking for a salary increase at your current place. But the experience in a hospital that has a higher flow of patients, more modern equipment or is internationally known for its approach to certain branches of medicine also brings remarkable weight to your work. With the acquisition of new skills and work on procedures available in more developed hospitals, your CV will stand out much better in the eyes of employers, and it is also worth pointing out that you can further improve your foreign language or master a new one by going abroad.

  1. 2. Expanding horizons

Staying in a foreign culture will bring you closer to some things you haven’t even thought about until now. Whether it’s a more practical approach to patients, whether you’ve found enjoying yourself in atypical outdoor activities, or simply enjoying a foreign kitchen, exposure to new experiences will always broaden your horizons and bring a lot of positives.

  1. 3. Possibility of temporary work in the future

Employers in some of the countries we work with also offer temporary work opportunities. Once you have acquired a license and have work experience in a foreign country, the door opens for you to return to it for a few months to earn extra money or simply change the environment for a while.

  1. 4. Possibility of working in telemedicine (for certain specializations)

Just as the acquired license opens the door to temporary positions, for certain specializations there is also the possibility of working in telemedicine. So through a few extra hours that you will work from the comfort of your own home, you can earn nice pocket money for the work you put in.

  1. 5. Higher earnings and achieving a proportional share of your future pension

One of the reasons why doctors decide to leave their home country is much better compensation in the rest of the EU. However, in addition to higher monthly earnings, working abroad also allows for a proportional pension once you execute your rights for it, which will certainly make your life easier in the future.


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