Levels of specialist medical training in Ireland

30. September 2020.

During the September and the almost daily defences of graduate dissertations, hospitals are prepared for welcoming the many new doctors who are looking for the ideal specialization. Among young doctors, many choose to explore specialization opportunities abroad, with Ireland being one of the most sought after countries for its quality support system, the high standard and level of education their hospitals provide, and the ease of adapting to working in the English language.

The medical positions in Ireland are, usually, divided into several levels:

  • PRHO – Pre-registration House Officer or Foundation doctor (also often called as an intern)
  • SHO – Senior House Officer
  • Registrar and Specialist Registrar positions
  • Consultant positions

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  1. Pre-registration House Officer

This level is suitable for physicians who have yet to go on an internship and who recently graduated from college. At this position, the retention time is approximately 1 year, but the same depends on many different factors.

  1. Senior House Officer

The next position in the hierarchy is subject to physicians who already have some experience and who are expected to work more independently in some basic tasks. However, they are still doctors in training and should be monitored regularly by more experienced colleagues. They are expected to have an idea of ​​the desired specialist orientation. The time that doctors spend in the SHO position is around 2 years, but the same depends mostly on the levels of his/her readiness and knowledge..

  1. Registrar and Specialist Registrar

The third level refers to doctors who have formally started specialization. During this period, trainees are encouraged to conduct additional research and guidance within the selected branch. Training lasts for several years, depending on the selected specialization, and after the end of this period, trainees have to take a specialist exam.

  1. Consultant positions

After passing the specialist examination and acquiring the title of specialist, the doctor must gain a few more years of experience to acquire the title of consultant, which in Ireland refers to doctors with several years of experience (7, 8 or more). Not only a high level of medical knowledge and skills is expected from a consultant physician, but also regular assistance and supervision of junior physicians in the ward. Consultant positions are very well paid with Ireland leading the ranking of the highest average salaries for doctors within the EU.

To begin the specialization process in Ireland, the Irish Medical Council requires you to have a medical certificate, a certificate of language proficiency and several additional documents confirming that you have the right to practice medicine in your home country. Once you have gathered all the necessary documentation and are in the process of registration, we regularly monitor the situation in the country to present you the possibilities of specialization, younger medical positions and consultant positions so that you can apply for the hospital in which you see yourself in the near future.

You can find a detailed description of the registration process on this post, and for all additional inquiries, contact us via email or social networks.

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