How rich is the average Irish resident?

14. January 2021.

The world-famous portal Global Finance reports that Ireland ranked 5th among the richest countries in the world in 2020. According to the International Monetary Fund, when the average standard of living is taken into account, the Republic of Ireland is the second richest country in Europe with Luxembourg being the only country on the old continent where citizens have better purchasing power on average.

To obtain an accurate calculation, the GDP of each country is taken into account and divided by the population of each country. However, to ultimately come to a more accurate result, purchasing power parity is used in the calculation, taking into account costs in the domestic market of goods and services as well as currency inflation over a specific period. The result of this calculation is purchasing power parity, ie a measure that provides the possibility of direct comparison between the purchasing power of residents of different countries, and is expressed in the fictitious currency of international dollars.

The 10 richest countries include:

1. Qatar – $ 132,886
2. Macau – $ 114,363
3. Luxembourg – $ 108,951
4. Singapore – $ 103,181
5. Ireland – $ 83,399
6. Brunei – $ 80,384
7. Norway – $ 76,684
8. United Arab Emirates – $ 69,435
9. Kuwait – $ 66,387
10. Switzerland – $ 66,196


For comparison, Croatia ranks 60th on this list, with residents having a purchasing power of $ 27,729. Therefore, the above data show that the average citizen of Ireland has on average about 3 times more purchasing power than the average citizen of Croatia.

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