It is important to obtain a license in time!

12. July 2019.

Here you can find a short story on why is obtaining a license very important subject about which depends on whether and when you will get a job in the country of your dreams.

The character of our story is Dr. Marko P., a pediatric specialist with an address in Zagreb. Doctor Marko completed his education in Dalmatia, where he was also born. At the beginning of the millennium, he enrolled in the Medical School in Zagreb. He decided to specialize at the pediatric clinic since he always enjoyed working with children and helping them.
Doctor Marko and his wife Marija are big travel enthusiasts. While they were students, Marko and Marija visited the United Kingdom and fell in love with London and the opportunities that this city offers. Along with the beautiful buildings of the Tower Bridge and the Big Ben, the most beautiful memories link them to long walks along the Thames, the views of the red telephone booths, black taxis, and legendary double-decker buses. All of that represented their city of dreams.

From all these memories and other visits to London that they had in the meantime, Marko and Marija decided to explore the possibilities to continue their life in England. They were looking for both of them to work in their departments, but their search went on for several months. When Dr. Marko saw that the hospitals in Chelsea neighborhood wanted a pediatrician of his profile, he decided to talk to his wife and both agreed that it was a great opportunity to achieve their life goal of moving to London. After several days, Marko sent an inquiry about the job and received information that the hospital is looking for a doctor who could start working next month. Dr. Marko was delighted with this idea and he already saw himself working in a London hospital, coming home to a beautiful small apartment after the shift, enjoying family time and walking through London avenues. However, in order to work in the United Kingdom, the doctor needs to be enrolled in the GMC register. Marko did not do it before and decided to gradually gather the necessary documentation to be able to register. In the meantime, the job opening was unfortunately closed, and Dr. Marko has to wait for the next opportunity.

Do not let small steps prevent you from achieving your life goals. Inform yourself about the possibility of enrolling in the Register of Doctors in the United Kingdom or Ireland. We prepared the instructions on how to register in Ireland’s register on, while instructions for the GMC can be found at


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