Jasna (Växjö, Sweden)

13. March 2019.

Jasna used to work as a specialist pathologist in Zagreb and now she works and lives in the city of Växjö in Sweden.

“I have to say that I am very happy in Växjö and I believe it will remain that way. Although my stay here has only been short, I have already noticed numerous advantages.

The first advantage is certainly the salary, which is a lot better than in Croatia. Also, the laboratories are modernly equipped with the majority of the methods available today. There is a large library with books on pathology (both modern and older) in the department itself, good microscopes, good and well-equipped rooms (table and chairs with the option of height adjustment, everything else in medical rooms is adjusted to the work of the designated specialist), good allocation of the number of autopsies according to the number of pathologists. Nobody in the department gets too many or too few.

What I definitely consider as an advantage and is important to emphasize, are excellent relationships between colleagues and collaboration possibilities, both with the laboratory personnel and with fellow doctors. Working hours are flexible and can be adjusted according to personal needs. Also, the hospital invests continuously into its staff members by enabling them a variety of educational programs, seminars, congresses, vocational education and similar”.

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