Vacancies for doctors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

21. April 2021.

Germany, Austria and Switzerland are always rich in a variety of competitions for medical specialists. This time we are sharing several vacancies that are active in all three countries as we would also like to hint that the best success in the employment in the German-speaking area have specialists who do not wait for vacancies but directly send us individual inquiries, as the recruitment process in these countries differs from the remaining countries in which we provide positions for health professionals.

Germany, Austria and Switzerland are looking for specialists in the field of:

– Gynecology
– Ophthalmology
– Surgery (general, trauma, but also other areas)
– Subspecialization in internal medicine *

* For positions in subspecializations in internal medicine, it is necessary to have a diploma in internal medicine as well as a diploma in subspecialization

njemačka austrija švicarska liječnik natječaji germany switzerland austria doctors jobs

The German-speaking recruitment process differs in that doctors are required to have a high B2 level of language proficiency (in the case of Austria C1), and it is also important to start the licensing process to have success in applying for the competition. Because the options are different for each individual, we go through the details and instructions in a direct conversation with you as we also provide support in every step of the application.

To find out all the details about the application and what steps need to be taken to move to Germany, Austria and Switzerland and start your position as a specialist doctor, please contact us via the contact form below or at and we will be happy to discuss options best for you.

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