New positions for 2 specialists in child and adolescent psychiatry

02. June 2021.

The first competition in June 2021 is opened for specialists in child and adolescent psychiatry and is coming to us from Sweden, continuing the trend of recent openings for specialists in anesthesiology, oncology and pathology, which also opened in Sweden.

The county clinic, which runs through several locations in the county in southeastern Sweden, is looking for 2 specialists in child and adolescent psychiatry that have experience in outpatient and continuing care.

At the clinic, psychiatrists will meet with patients who need extensive and intensive treatments for situations such as deep depression, severe eating disorders, psychosis or self-harming behaviour. The approach to patients in the clinic uses evidence-based treatment methods and takes place in close collaboration with patients’ families and other care providers such as schools and social services.

Specialists can expect a basic monthly salary of 57,000 SEK after the end of the probationary period, with doctors participating in the annual salary negotiations after 12 months of work.

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What can I expect when applying for a position in Sweden?

We provide support to our candidates during the entire departure process. We help find a job for a spouse, educational institutions for the youngest members of the family, apartments, and everything else necessary in your relocation to Sweden. Candidates who accept the hospital’s offer and sign a contract have a paid language course for the whole family up to a B2 level. and the hospital pays them all fees in the departure process (costs of relocation of your private belongings, plane tickets, obtaining a license, etc) which greatly aids the departure process. The candidates themselves go through an organized program of additional language training and introduction to the Swedish health care system, which occurs once you move to Sweden.

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