Opening for biomedical analysts/laboratory technicians in Sweden

12. November 2021.

A new competition, this time for a slightly different specialization in medicine, is coming to us from Sweden. The competition for biomedical analysts, to which laboratory technicians who have additional training in transfusion medicine can also apply, is available until the 6th of December 2021 – with the date we have to apply all the candidates who have prepared all the necessary documentation.

Clinical chemistry and transfusion medicine provide laboratory services and medical expertise in the fields of serology, haematology, coagulation, general chemistry, immunochemistry, and speciality chemistry. Analysts and technicians in the laboratory perform all types of the simplest and most complex analyzes and manage samples in all departments of the laboratory. Working hours include a rotating schedule between different departments of the laboratory and include day, evening and night service. The laboratory currently has 32 biomedical analysts, 2 physicians, 7 nurses, 17 assistant nurses and 6 engineers. Candidates are expected to be proactive and involved in the progress of the entire laboratory and, of course, have a high quality of work ethic.

In 2021 biomedical analysts hold a salary of 27,000 SEK, while laboratory assistants have about 25,000 SEK per month. Language training for B2 – C1 level is in combination with work, as the candidates study 2 full days and a half-day/week and work the remaining 2.5 days/week.

The ideal candidate has:

  • EU license of biomedical analyst/laboratory technician with additional training in transfusion medicine
  • work experience (not necessary, but desirable) in the fields of haematology, blood clotting and clinical chemistry

biomedical analyst, medical laboratory technician

What to expect from us and from your future employer:

  • Assistance through the entire job application process and negotiation with the employer
  • When you accept a job offer, we take over the process of obtaining your work license in Sweden
  • Paid Swedish language course for the whole family
  • Paid relocation costs of private belongings and your plane tickets
  • Assistance in finding employment for a spouse
  • Organization of schools and kindergartens for children
  • And much more… without you paying for any of our services!

Request additional information about the competition via the contact form or contact us at our e-mail addresses and we will be happy to guide you through the whole process 🙂

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