Build your career in Ireland – new vacancies for doctors

20. December 2022.

New vacancies for healthcare professionals in Ireland have been published! This country of open and friendly people, rich culture and beautiful nature offers an excellent health and education system, a low level of crime and a good quality of life. In Ireland, people are open and friendly, so you can expect your colleagues to be genuinely interested in you and to help you in your new beginning.

Irish hospitals are looking for non-specialist and specialist doctors. Doctors without specialization who know English have the opportunity to start working in positions in psychiatry departments for a duration of 6 months. Specialist doctors are most in demand in the fields of:
– geriatrics,
– anesthesiology,
– cardiology,
– pulmonology,
– internal medicine,
– otorhinolaryngology,
– microbiology,
– gynecology,
– radiology and
– surgery.

Working with Irish patients requires knowledge of the English language. If you have passed the B2 English language certificate (IELTS, OET) and the conditions for obtaining a license, you can choose employment according to your preferences. Obtaining a license usually takes between three and six months, and at the time of applying for the tender, it should already be obtained and active. The licensing process involves sending your documentation to the Irish Medical Council (IMC) who make a decision on whether you will be able to practice in this country. Find out how to obtain a license here.

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There are several levels of medical positions in Ireland which can be divided into:

– PRHO, i.e. Pre-registration House Officer or Foundation doctor (they are often called intern positions – intern, intern
– SHO – Senior House Officer (higher level of internship
– Registrar and Specialist Registrar positions
– Consultant position

Find out more details about the positions and how to advance here.

In order to fully facilitate the process of applying for tenders, we assist you throughout the entire process. It is necessary to prepare your resume on the form that we will provide you, and then the license will be obtained. Only after that it is possible to apply for the desired open tenders. After the interview with the hospital and the acceptance of the job offer, the relocation and the start of work will follow.

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