Open position in Sweden for cardiology and internal medicine specialist

15. June 2020.

A clinic in Eksjö, which is found in Swedish Jönköping region, is looking for a specialist who is trained in the fields of cardiology and internal medicine. Doctors are required to have a minimum of 5 years of work experience in cardiology in an EU/EEA member state, as well as a responsible, diligent and flexible approach to daily work tasks. Cardiologists on the ward also have 4 to 6 weekends of on-calls and duties at quarterly intervals, which require knowledge in internal medicine. Employees have the opportunity of professional development and working on achieving goals in a caring, friendly and professional atmosphere which provides patients with both planned and emergency care.

During the first 6 months, the specialist is adapting to the Swedish healthcare system, the new environment and working in a new language. During this period, the hospital predicted a salary of 51500 SEK for the specialist, while after this starting period you could expect a gross salary which is exceeding 70000 SEK per month.

Each outpatient unit is connected to the outpatient care of each department, which opens up the benefits of working in integrated open and closed care. The medical and geriatric clinic is focused on working together with patients to provide the best possible care based on a previously proven system, as the same is practised at all organizational levels in specialist and primary health care. Patient safety and well-being always come first, and the hospital anticipates future workers to think similarly. The clinic has a total of 80 places for patient care, however, the number of available places depends on the number of available staff and doctors.

You can expect our support throughout the whole process of your departure. Among other things, we assist in finding a job for a spouse, schools and kindergartens for the youngest family members, apartments according to your wishes, organization of moving and everything you need when moving. Candidates who agree a contract with a Swedish employer have a paid language course for the whole family and the hospital subsidizes all fees in the departure process (airfare costs, obtaining a specialist license, relocation of personal belongings).

Request additional information about the opening via the contact form or by reaching one of our emails, and we will do our best to answer you as soon as possible so that we can organize everything necessary for further steps 🙂

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