Career opportunities for radiology engineers in Sweden

26. October 2022.

Career change opportunities and new challenges have opened up in Sweden for radiology engineers. New tenders have been opened in the Gävleborg region, where the hospital’s search for radiologists is in full swing. This Swedish region on the Baltic Sea offers plenty of opportunities for everyone, so it’s easy to find a way to have fun. Whether you prefer family outings or independent exploration, this region will leave you searching for more.

The stress caused by everyday business situations for radiology engineers in Sweden, but also for other citizens, is tried to be reduced by good laws and work organization. The result is workplaces that leave enough space for rest and various activities preferred in free time. Good income will further ease the household budget and open up new opportunities for career advancement, investment in the future or other opportunities.

Focus on professional development

In a radiology engineer position in Sweden, you will work with patients of different ages, collaborate with colleagues from different specialties, nurses and support staff, and interpret images of referred patients. In Swedish hospitals, you will get to know the latest technology, work in multidisciplinary teams and participate in the evaluation of methods and information. In addition, you can count on a perfect balance between work and free time.

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We assist in the application process

A successful application process begins with the preparation of a CV and motivation letter. After the documentation is collected, the application for the tender is made and an initial digital interview is arranged via Skype and a personal visit to the hospital lasting 2-4 days. This is an opportunity to ask more questions about the future workplace and daily life of a radiology engineer, as the visit is optional. This means that you have not yet received or accepted the offer, and if you are not satisfied with what you have seen, you can cancel at this stage of the process. After the visit, and if both parties are satisfied, the terms of employment are agreed upon and the contract is signed.

A paid online Swedish language course lasting 6-8 months begins. During this time, you receive a stipend, and the process of creating licenses, finding accommodation and moving is done for you. Employment opportunities are examined for the partner, and places in educational institutions – kindergartens and schools – are organized for the children. After you move, depending on the competition, you are also provided with mentoring at the workplace.

The total process from application to relocation and starting work takes an average of 10 months.

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