Open position in western Sweden for specialists in child and adolescent psychiatry

12. February 2021.

A new competition for child and adolescent psychiatry specialists has opened in the western Swedish region of Västra Götland.

The hospital operates in several locations in the region and cares for approximately 56,000 children and youth. Care includes children and young people up to the age of 18 who have neuropsychiatric disorders or mental difficulties or poor health (anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive behaviour, etc.).

The hospital’s activities include an outpatient clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry, emergency services with acute assessments, daycare, child psychiatric diagnosis and neuropsychiatric diagnoses, and cooperation with other hospital administrations in the western Swedish region of Västra Götaland regarding child psychiatric inpatient care.

The hospital offers an employment contract for an indefinite period and actively encourages all candidates who are interested in further professional progress, and in addition to primary clinical work, there is the possibility of research work of up to 20%. The estimated salary after the end of the adjustment period is from 60,000 SEK to 70,000 SEK, and depending on the experience and motivation of the specialist, it can be higher.

Specialists are expected to have finished education in the EU, to have developed communication skills and motivation to adapt to the new health system. A driver’s license is also desirable.

We support our candidates throughout the relocation process, assisting in finding a job for a spouse, educational institutions for the youngest family members, apartments and everything that is needed when moving. Applicants who accept the offer of the hospital have a paid language course for the whole family, and the hospital also pays all fees in the departure process (costs of relocating your items, plane tickets, obtaining a license), which greatly facilitates the departure process.

For more information about the competition which is open until 23rd of February 2021 please reach Ivan at, which is where he is available for further inquiries and potential applications.

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