Competitions for doctors in Scandinavia in October 2022.

13. October 2022.

Scandinavian hospitals are looking for health professionals who will join their teams with motivated colleagues. During this October, tenders are opened for doctors in Denmark, Norway and Sweden for doctors of various specializations. Scandinavian countries have 99% satisfaction with private and work life according to previous surveys of our candidates and offer the best start to a career in a new location.

Zivot u Skandinaviji

The process from applying for a job to final employment is very simple, and during that time you have the support of our team. By the time you arrive at your new workplace, it takes an average of 10 months, during which you learn the language of the chosen country, all the necessary documentation is handled for you and your family, and relocation to a new city is completed.

The life of a doctor in Scandinavia brings a good ratio of working hours to salary, and offers an optimal work-life balance. Working with the most modern equipment in superbly equipped hospitals will become your daily routine, and you can also learn various new methods, procedures and skills in cooperation with your future colleagues. After work, enjoy the beautiful landscapes, colorful cities and excellent food that Denmark, Norway and Sweden bring.


Danish, Swedish and Norwegian hospitals in search of doctors of various specializations

During October 2022, new tenders are opened for specialist doctors in the fields of: psychiatry, gynecology, breast surgery, radiology, cardiology, family medicine, child and adolescent psychiatry, pulmonology, hematology, dentistry, emergency medicine, IVF, neurology, orthopedic surgery, pathology and rheumatology, which you can see below in the table.

Open positions for doctors in Scandinavia during October

If you have found your specialization in the listed specializations or are nearing the end of your specialization, please contact us via the contact form to discuss the available options. If your specialization is not on the list of wanted doctors, contact us, and we will check the available options for your specialization according to your criteria.

The application process starts in October, so update your CV, prepare your portfolio on time and leave the rest to us.

How does the process of applying for a job in Scandinavia work?

After you have applied for the job, the hospital will want to hold a first digital interview with you via Skype or another communication channel where you will have the opportunity to get to know each other. If the interview goes well, you have the opportunity to personally visit the hospital and the city, and you can also bring your partner. This visit usually lasts between 2 and 4 days, and the purpose is to get to know your future workplace and colleagues, as well as the city where your future home will be located. This visit is non-binding and does not mean obtaining or accepting employment.

If there is mutual satisfaction between you and the hospital, an employment contract is signed and after that you start a paid online course in the language of the country you are moving to for a duration of 5 – 8 months. While you are learning a language from the comfort of your home, you are provided with a stipend, and during that time we look for suitable accommodation for you, obtain licenses, find adequate job offers for your partner and schools and kindergartens for the children, and carry out the entire process of moving. After moving, when you start working at your new workplace, you will have the assistance of your colleagues with assimilation into the new work environment.


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Still undecided? Look at the positive side of moving!

Moving to a new country is a challenge in itself and brings many questions to be answered and activities to be undertaken before even arriving at the desired destination. For healthcare professionals who want to live in Scandinavia, this process is completely facilitated through the well-established activities of our employees.

Learning an unknown language when moving to a new country is certainly a new challenge, but it is also easier with the help of colleagues and an excellent support system. Getting used to completely new processes in daily activities and to a new culture can be an obstacle, but with the help of a mentor, it is easier to break the ice in conversation. And if you are not sure how to prepare a resume or have questions about it, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to help you prepare the necessary documentation.

Additionally, you can learn more about the process of moving to Scandinavian countries from our candidates who have successfully moved to Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

For all questions, write to us at or via the contact form below to discuss employment opportunities.