Job competitions in Ireland and the UK during March and April 2022.

08. March 2022.

New job competitions are available for specialist doctors in the UK and Ireland. All competitions for these countries require a doctor’s license in the country you are applying for (whether it’s an active license or an expired license that just needs to be reactivated). Information on how to obtain a license in the UK can be found here, and the same for Ireland is available at this link.

Namely, all current competitions, as well as competitions through May and June are for positions with a start date of 01.07.2022. In Ireland and the UK, there are two so-called intake periods, January and July, and the contracts are for 6 months to 12 months, of course with the possibility of extending the contract. So anyone interested in pursuing their career in Ireland or the UK should already be obtaining IMC or GMC licenses and applying to us for a job search for July 2022. After July, we are collecting applications for positions starting in January 2023.

Specialisations sought after in March 2022 are:

in the UK:

  • endocrinology
  • family medicine
  • anesthesiology
  • cardiology
  • radiology
  • psychiatry

in Ireland:

  • gastroenterology
  • pulmonology
  • endocrinology
  • otorhinolaryngology
  • internal medicine
  • radiology
  • gynaecology
  • paediatrics
  • anesthesiology
  • oncology
  • geriatrics
  • reumatology

In case you do not have an IMC or GMC license, we have compiled detailed instructions on how you can get a work license if you are a doctor with completed professional training within the EU. Instructions for the UK can be found here, while directions to Ireland are available at this link.

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Ireland and the United Kingdom are ideal destinations for anyone looking to lay a great foundation for an international career. In addition to offering numerous professional development options, these two countries require a good level of English language skills that will open up new career opportunities. The intensive pace of work, which is common for these two countries, brings the opportunity of faster mastery of professional skills and knowledge but also brings along the specialist salaries that are at the very top of the European continent.

Ireland and the United Kingdom are also the only two countries in Europe where we provide locum employment – that is, temporary positions that are arranged depending on the availability of specialists and the needs of the hospital. For example, in the case of increased demand for operations during certain months, in agreement with hospitals, a surgeon can take several months of unpaid leave in his country and gain international experience and extra earnings for the same period he would’ve spent working at the current position.

To inquire about the possibilities of relocating to Ireland or another country in Europe that we are working in, contact us at or via the contact form below.

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