The most wanted specialists in Denmark for September 2021

03. August 2021.

The latest competitions for specialist doctors are coming to us from Denmark in September 2021.

The most attractive specializations for Danish employers are:

  • urology
  • dentistry
  • radiology
  • psychiatry
  • pathology
  • emergency medicine
  • gynaecology (IVF experience required)

As a reminder, this is just a list of the most wanted specializations. If your specialization is not among the above, and you are motivated and want to find out moving options for Denmark, please contact us using the form below to discuss the available options and to talk about further steps leading to moving.

Read the experiences of our candidates who moved to Denmark here and here.

Denmark DanskaWhat does the application process in Denmark look like?

During the process, candidates have the opportunity to contact the hospital via Skype and have a paid visit to the city and the hospital for 2-4 days to get to know potential colleagues in person, and of course the place itself. If you decide to accept the offer after the visit, of course, provided that they like your profile and have prepared an offer for you, the specialists and their families go on a paid online language course lasting 5 months. We use this same period to find the apartment of your choice, a job for your spouse, educational institutions for the youngest and organize everything you need in the process of moving to make you feel like you have been living in Denmark for several months.

For additional information on the opportunities of finding the right position in Denmark, but also in the rest of Europe, we are at your disposal for all possible questions via email or via the contact form.

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