Exploring the Benefits of Bemanning for Medical Professionals in Scandinavia

19. travnja 2024.

The healthcare sectors in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway are increasingly relying on bemanning (temporary staffing) to address staffing shortages and to provide flexible work options for medical professionals.

This arrangement has become particularly popular among doctors and nurses, who often choose to work as hyrläkare (locum doctors) or vikarie (substitute nurses). These roles offer a plethora of benefits that can enhance both professional and personal life.

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The Flexible World of Bemanning: Insights from Scandinavian Professionals

Dr. Ivana Peric, a locum in Sweden, shares her experience: “Working as a locum doctor allows me to control my schedule and explore different medical practices without committing to a permanent position. This flexibility has been invaluable for balancing my professional development with personal commitments."

Similarly, nurse Ingrid Petterson from Norway finds the setup highly beneficial: “I appreciate the chance to work in varied healthcare settings; it broadens my experience and keeps my daily routine exciting and challenging.”

Advantages of Bemanning Roles

1. Competitive Hourly Wages

Locum doctors and substitute nurses often enjoy higher hourly rates compared to their permanently employed counterparts. This compensates for the lack of traditional job benefits like pension plans and paid leave.


2. Enhanced Flexibility

One of the most significant advantages is the flexibility in work hours and vacation planning. Professionals can choose when and where they work, allowing for a better work-life balance. They can also choose to live anywhere in the world and then come to Sweden, Norway, and Denmark working the weeks they choose.

For example, dr. Kruwalski, an emergency medicine specialist, works 6 months locum while spending the other 6 months in Australia each year surfing.

3. Diverse Working Environments

Working in various healthcare settings not only breaks the monotony but also enhances skills and knowledge through diverse clinical challenges.

4. Career Development

Temporary assignments can lead to permanent positions, offering career growth opportunities without long-term commitments.


5. Control Over Workload

Doctors and nurses can control their workload, choosing part-time or full-time hours, which is ideal for those wanting to reduce stress and manage personal responsibilities.

6. Networking Opportunities

Working in multiple locations increases professional contacts and can open doors to new job opportunities within the healthcare industry.

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Combining Permanent and Bemanning Positions

Many professionals opt to split their time between permanent and bemanning roles. Dr. Erik Svensson from Denmark explains: “Working 50% as a fastanställd (permanent staff) and 50% as bemanning allows me to enjoy the security of a steady job while also
taking advantage of the higher pay and flexibility of locum work.”

This hybrid model offers a balanced approach, providing stable income and benefits while retaining the flexibility to pursue other professional or personal interests.

The Full-Time Bemanning Experience

For some, transitioning to 100% bemanning roles is the ultimate career move. Nurse Sofia Karlsson remarks: “Full-time locum work has given me unprecedented freedom to travel and work across Scandinavia, which was impossible in a full-time permanent position.”

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Ready to elevate your career and life with flexibility and better pay? Why not start today?

If you’re a healthcare professional seeking greater flexibility, diversity in your work environment, and potentially higher earnings, consider the bemanning route. Explore how locum or substitute roles can enrich your career and personal life. Contact our support team via info@incor.hr to learn more about available opportunities and how to apply. Start your journey towards a more fulfilling work experience today!

This exploration into the world of bemanning highlights the substantial benefits it offers to medical doctors and nurses in Scandinavia, emphasizing the professional freedom and personal satisfaction many have found in this career path.

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