Opportunity for 6 Family/General Medicine specialists near Göteborg

07. July 2021.

Among the many new competitions from Scandinavia, the most popular inquiries seem to be for Family/General Medicine specialists. This time the competition is opened in the Västra Götaland region, in other words in the proximity of Göteborg, where health centres are looking for as many as 6 Family/General Medicine specialists for full-time employment.

In the recruitment process, the candidate is not expected to know the language as the employer pays the costs of the language course and relocation costs for the whole family. Applicants who agree to all the terms with the employers also have paid expenses and assistance in relocation to Sweden. We are providing our assistance from the first contact as we help you with the creation of a professional CV, cover letter, prepare you for a Skype interview and work together on all the steps that precede your employment in Scandinavia.

The proximity of the second-largest city in Sweden, in addition to all the benefits of life and professional development in Sweden, provides many different activities for all ages, as well as the closeness of an important international airport.

family general medicine doctor, obiteljska opća medicina

What can I expect when applying for a position in Sweden?

We provide support to our candidates during the entire departure process. We help find a job for a spouse, educational institutions for the youngest members of the family, apartments, and everything else necessary in your relocation to Sweden. Candidates who accept the hospital’s offer and sign a contract have a paid language course for the whole family up to a B2 level. and the hospital pays them all fees in the departure process (costs of relocation of your private belongings, plane tickets, obtaining a license, etc) which greatly aids the departure process. The candidates themselves go through an organized program of additional language training and introduction to the Swedish health care system, which occurs once you move to Sweden.


All the applications are of an informative nature, so feel free to reach to us at info@incor.hr or by the contact form to get additional information about this opportunity!

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