February brings new tenders for Scandinavia

08. February 2023.

The standard of Danish, Swedish and Norwegian hospitals is widely recognized for its strong focus on patient satisfaction, efficiency and quality. However, the healthcare systems of these countries are constantly looking for medical professionals, so in February, new tenders for specialist doctors in Scandinavia were announced. Nurses in geriatrics, internal and palliative care and specialists in family medicine, psychiatry, pathology, pulmonology and radiology are in the greatest demand, while the number of places for other specialists is limited, so hurry up and prepare your CV and portfolio or contact us for help.

Hospitals in Denmark have announced tenders for specialists in psychiatry, and a limited number of tenders are open for specialists: urogynecology, dentistry, anesthesiology and rheumatology, breast surgery, emergency medicine, internal medicine (cardiology, gastroenterology, pulmonology and geriatrics), pathology, radiology and urology .

In Sweden, the greatest need is for specialists in family medicine and nurses, and a limited number of doctors are wanted in the positions of gastroenterology, pulmonology, anesthesiology, cardiology and psychiatry. Competitions for doctors specializing in other branches of medicine are being prepared, so you can submit your resume today.

Norway is looking for specialists in pathology, radiology, hematology, endocrinology, pulmonology and psychiatry.

I balance my work in Scandinavia, so the same balance is reflected in the workplace. All healthcare professionals are respected regardless of their position, and Scandinavian patients trust the healthcare system. Therefore, patient satisfaction with doctors is at a high level as long as they provide the best care and the diagnosis is accurate. The work is distributed in shifts, it is possible to organize your work tasks without delay, and the number of patients per shift is limited. In addition, the break is not missed, and the doctor’s free time is respected. There are numerous opportunities for growth and education, and doctors can attend seminars at the employer’s expense.

In order to start working in the Scandinavian healthcare system, knowledge of Danish, Swedish and Norwegian is mandatory and necessary for accurate and timely patient care in hospitals and healthcare facilities. You attend the course online while your future employer provides you with a scholarship during that period. The amount of the scholarship as well as the details of the offer depend on the hospital that has selected you as a candidate. In addition, relocation assistance is provided as well as help in finding an apartment, school for children or business opportunities.

Although the work of a doctor is demanding, there is a lot of free time left for private time activities. Despite the widespread belief that people in Scandinavia are cold and closed, this is far from reality. Swedes, Danes and Norwegians are patient, measured, sociable and approachable people who love outdoor activities. There is an expression in the Norwegian language friluftsliv that describes the attitude of spending time in nature and being in harmony with it, so popular free activities are hiking, skating, skiing and cycling. And they like to make up for the wasted energy by hanging out by the fire with food and drink.

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