Fully paid nursing competition – first in two years

13. October 2022.

The Scandinavian-speaking countries have prepared a new competition for nurses and technicians who are motivated by challenges and career changes. This fully paid nursing vacancy brings all the benefits of an easy move to Sweden. This is a unique opportunity for a completely carefree move to Scandinavia, as this is the first such sponsored competition in the last two years. The simple sign-up and customization process is designed with your well-being in mind, while carefully considering your family’s needs.

Svedski zivot

What is covered by the tender?

When we say fully paid, then you can be sure that it really is. You are paid for everything that can help you make the transition to a new country and social environment as painless as possible and start your first working day completely unburdened. In this competition for nurses, a paid online language course lasting 8 months and an organized visit to hospitals that have announced this type of competition are provided. You visit along with your partners/spouses so that they also get the chance to learn more about future opportunities and the new city. During the language learning period, you receive a stipend to cover your expenses while you learn the language from the comfort of your own home. The process of moving the whole family, creating your license, finding accommodation and business opportunities for your partner is also covered by this offer. In addition, the organization of kindergartens and schools for children, as well as adaptation to the new environment, is ensured.

And what is life like in Scandinavia?

Moving to another country is a stressful process for most people regardless of the destination, but Scandinavian employers bring that stress to a minimum level. Apart from the fact that the moving process is completely simplified, work and life are organized in the same way. Hospitals equipped with state-of-the-art equipment will spark your curiosity for new knowledge and skills and open the door to opportunities for learning and advancement. Additionally, for the first 6 months, you will have a mentor at your disposal who will help you in the process of adapting to the new work environment, getting to know new colleagues and to whom you will be able to ask any questions.

In your private time, you will be delighted by the beautiful scenes of natural landscapes, the vivid colors of the cities and the almost perfect balance of work and private life, which results in a quality of health without stress and numerous opportunities in the family circle. Head to one of the many lakes that cover the countries of Scandinavia, take a walk along a forest path or take a sensory route and taste some of the many Scandinavian delicacies. Rich culture and history, colorful cities, plenty of nature and options for excursions will satisfy every taste and provide a quality experience of living in a new environment.

You can learn more about moving to Scandinavian countries, the challenges and advantages of living in the north and whether it was worth it from the experiences of our candidates who took that step and moved to Sweden. Find out more here.


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Sounds good, what are the requirements and how do I apply?

In addition to the motivation to move and work in Sweden, it is necessary to know the English language at the B1/B2 level in order to be able to follow the teaching and learning of the Swedish language more easily. Additionally, it is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree in nursing or higher, and if you are a candidate from the Republic of Croatia, applications from nurses with only high school and at least 5 years of work experience are also accepted.

After you have submitted an application for the desired job, an initial Skype interview is arranged with the hospital so that you have the opportunity to introduce yourself and learn more about the offer and the job you are applying for. If everything goes well during the interview, a visit to the hospital will be organized where you will be introduced to the workplace and potential colleagues. During the 3-4 days that your visit to the hospital lasts, you will have the opportunity to tour the city with your family and get to know your new environment better.

These visits are informal in nature and do not mean obtaining or accepting a business offer, so it is possible to arrange several visits to hospitals and cities until you find the offer that suits you best.

After signing the job offer, i.e. getting the job, there is an online language course that lasts between 8 and 9 months. During this period, you will be paid a stipend that should provide you with the necessary time to master a new language from the comfort of your home. During this period, other preparations for relocation are also carried out, licenses are obtained, adequate housing, employment opportunities for the partner and educational institutions for the children are sought. At the end, you will move and start work at a new workplace, where you will be provided with assistance and mentoring for the next 6 months. During this initial period, you will have the opportunity to ask all questions, clear up ambiguities and start a new page in your career completely carefree.


Požurite, broj radnih mjesta je ograničen!

S obzirom na velik broj zainteresiranih za prilike u Skandinaviji, već sada primamo prijave medicinskih sestara. Pripremite svoj portfolio i pošaljite ga putem kontak forme što prije.
Portfolio treba sadržavati:
1. CV popunjen na engleskom jeziku na našem obrascu – preuzmite ga ovdje
2. Motivacijsko pismo popunjeno na engleskom jeziku na našem obrascu – preuzmite ga ovdje
3. Diplomu/licencu na engleskom jeziku
4. 2-3 preporuke kolega
5. Procjenu plana učenja švedskog jezika


Potrebna vam je pomoć prilikom pripreme životopisa, imate pitanja ili nedoumica? Slobodno nas kontaktirajte i iskoristite naše dugogodišnje iskustvo kako biste zakoračili u nove prilike.

Za sva pitanja, pišite nam na mail info@incor.hr ili putem niže navedenog kontakt obrasca kako bismo porazgovarali o mogućnostima zapošljavanja.