New job competitions for doctors in Ireland

26. January 2021.

Within various offers that we received early in 2021, we have received new competitions aimed at all doctors looking for work in Ireland. Depending on the hospital, some positions refer to employment with a permanent employment contract, while in other hospitals there are open locum (temporary) positions related to work over a predetermined period.

The job offers in Ireland currently include positions for:

  • medical registrars
  • psychiatry specialists
  • rheumatology specialists
  • pediatric specialists
  • haematology specialists
  • emergency medicine specialists

To compete for the job opening, Irish hospitals require candidates to hold an IMC license or are nearing the end of the licensing process, as well as of course knowledge of English which is also a condition for obtaining a medical license.

Since Ireland is a country known for its excellent standard of living and there is no shortage of regular inquiries for this country, all interested in applying to one of the job competitions (but also for additional information on obtaining a license in Ireland), please contact us by email or via the following contact form.

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