Current list of job opportunities in Sweden

23. December 2021.

We will soon expand our already diverse offer of active competitions in Sweden with new opportunities that we will receive a week after Christmas, more specifically on the 27th of December. As the current offers already include interesting positions for specialist doctors, we bring the current list of active offers for doctors in Sweden to the rest of this post. Prerequisites for employment in Sweden are experience in the EU and knowledge of English (or Swedish) at the communicational level.

  • cardiologists – open until 04.01.2022.
  • specialists in clinical chemistry/laboratory medicine – open until 04.01.2022.
  • radiologists – open until 06.01.2022.
  • nephrologists – open until 12.01.2022.
  • ophthalmologists with experience in pediatric ophthalmology – open until 21.01.2022.
  • psychiatrist – open until 30.01.2022.
Specialists in clinical chemistry/laboratory medicine – open until the 4th of January 2022.

From southern Sweden comes competition for clinical chemistry specialists with 4-5 years of work experience. Previous experience in clinical chemistry as well as knowledge of chromatography and autoimmunity is desirable. The positions include work in several regional laboratories with the possibility of employing more specialists. Salaries of clinical chemists range from 60,000 SEK to 65,000 SEK per month.

Radiologists – open until the 6th of January 2022.

The same region that is looking for radiographers is looking for radiology specialists. The radiologist should have experience or desire to work in the field of mammography. Specialists are expected to know conventional radiology, MRI, CT and ultrasound. Wider knowledge and MRI experience are an added bonus, as is the experience of simpler ultrasound and X-ray interventions with nephrostomy inserts. The starting salary in the region, for radiologists who have just graduated, is 64,000 SEK per month.

Nephrologists – open until the 12th of January 2022.

In central Sweden, 2 positions have been opened for nephrology specialists. In addition to competencies in nephrology gained in the EU, it is beneficial that the specialist has experience in PD, HD and home HD, including care of patients after kidney transplantation, as well as general nephrology. The department of nephrology provides both inpatient and outpatient care to patients and includes dialysis in two units, as well as reception operations. Depending on the experience of the doctor, there is a possibility of employment in the position of a chief physician. Department employs 4 specialist nephrologists, nurses, assistant nurses and other supporting medical staff. The salary that the hospital prepared for nephrology specialists is up to 62.000 SEK per month. radiolozi radiolog radiologistWhat can you expect when applying for competition in Sweden?

  • indefinite employment contract in Sweden
  • our assistance in preparing your CV, cover letter and assistance throughout the application process
  • once you accept the job offer, we help you in the process of obtaining a work license in Sweden
  • paid intensive online Swedish course up to C1 level
  • help in finding accommodation
  • transport of your personal belongings and furniture to a new location
  • assistance in finding employment for the spouse
  • assistance in finding kindergartens and schools for children
  • and much more, with everything being free of charge for you 🙂

you can request more information about your specific application via the contact form or at All applications should be finished by their respective end dates.

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