Country for All? Jobs in Austria for Specialist Doctors and Doctors Without a Specialization

11. December 2023.

Austria is one of the rare European countries offering a number of opportunities to both specialist doctors and doctors without a specialization from abroad. Learn more about working and living in this country below, as well as more about available positions and training programs.

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Quick Facts About Austria and the Austrian Healthcare System

Life 🧑

Money 💰

  • According to a list from 2020, Austria is the 21st most expensive country to live in in the world. However, it is still cheaper than many European countries, including Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, and France.

Healthcare Stats 🛏️

  • The Austrian healthcare system includes 271 hospitals and clinics with about 64,800 available beds, which puts it at the European top when it comes to the bed/patient ratio.


Austria vs. Other OECD Countries ⬆️

  • The Austrian healthcare system performs better than the OECD average in many ways; for example, it performs better on 59% of quality of care indicators.

Jobs in Austria – Specialist Doctors

Austrian hospitals and clinics are, at the moment, especially focused on:

  • Internal medicine specialists
  • Geriatrics specialists
  • Orthopedic surgery specialists
  • Rheumatology specialists
  • Pediatrics specialists
  • Pulmology specialists
  • Radiology specialists

To doctors who fit these descriptions, they are offering a chance to work in the Austrian healthcare system, progress, and continue their education.

Besides that, all employees will get accommodation within the hospital grounds, excellent salaries and salary bonuses, a right to receive an Austrian state pension, additional education and training, help with obtaining a work license in Austria, and everything else related to moving to another country.

Don’t see a position for you? That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! Contact us, and we’ll help you find it.

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Jobs in Austria – Doctors Without a Specialization

On top of that, Austria also has a number of training programs for doctors who still don’t have a specialization. The majority of specialist training programs are available for:

  • Anesthesiology
  • Internal medicine
  • Gynecology
  • Psychiatry
  • Pediatrics
  • Emergency medicine

Before starting your specialization, you will generally need to complete a 9-month Basisausbildung program.

If you are interested in a training program not listed above, please contact us, and we will help you find it.

Not sure whether this is the right choice for you? Read this review by Domagoj who enrolled in an Austrian training program himself.

Jobs in Austria – Requirements

The requirements for all of the above positions are as follows:

  • ☑️ You need to come from an EU country
  • ☑️ You need to speak German at a C1 level – accepted certificates include Goethe, TELC, and ÖSD

As part of your application, you will also need to submit the following:

  • CV in the German language
  • Motivational letter in the German language
  • Two recommendations from colleagues you have worked with

We can start with your job application and the process of obtaining your license immediately after you complete the C1 level.

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