Ten open places for nurses in Sweden

11. February 2021.

A unique opportunity comes to us from one of the most developed cities in Scandinavia whose hospital offers jobs for nurses in Sweden. This time the recruitment process is somewhat different as the hospital personally takes over the organization of the language course, finding the accommodation and relocation for 10 medical nurses they are looking to employ.

Medical nurses can expect positions in psychiatric wards:

  • Affective Disorders
  • Addiction and Dependency
  • Psychosis
  • Geriatric and Intellectual Disabled Psychiatry 

After the application, a video interview is the first step in getting to know the hospital and potential future colleagues. The best candidates will have an organized visit to the city and the hospital to get acquainted first hand with the city environment and the scope of daily work in the hospital. In the case of an employment agreement in Sweden, medical nurses will begin the Swedish language learning process with the hospital taking over and arranging everything necessary for you. As this is a longer process, candidates can expect the first day of work in the new hospital at the earliest at the end of 2021. Further details, specific dates and strategy will be discussed with the hospital directly. While learning the language, since nurses are expected to be fully committed and willing to learn Swedish, you will receive a study grant.

medicinske sestre posao u Švedskoj - nurses jobs in Sweden

In addition to the desire to work in the psychiatric ward, nurses should be motivated to move to Sweden as well as to adapt to the new environment, with the support of the hospital in organizing social events for all who want to get to know Sweden. Prior knowledge of English is required for learning and communication, and for the administration of your license, candidates must hold a license in an EU member state. Upon arrival in Sweden, you will have an individual introduction to the hospital, meeting with your colleagues and working with a mentor from the very beginning in order to better adapt to the new health care system. The positions are intended for nurses who are looking for a permanent contract. For the application process, it is necessary to prepare a CV, motivation letter and a copy of your nursing diploma all in English, which we will all instruct you in details once you reach out to us.

Request the additional information at info@incor.hr or via the contact form. Ivan and Zrinka will refer you and organize your application for this competition which is open until the end of February.

Contact us:

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