New offers for doctors and specialists in Ireland

10. September 2020.

New interesting medical offers are coming to us from Ireland, which as usual has rich opportunities for both young doctors and experienced specialists. Consequently, the new positions this time are also very different and provide younger doctors senior house officer (SHO) positions as well as positions as a medical registrar, while anesthesiology specialists have a locum position available.

  • Locum Consultant Anaesthetist (immediate x 9 months) must be on the specialist register
  • Medical Registrars x 4
  • Medical SHO x 2
  • Obs/Gynae SHO x 1

In addition to offering the highest salaries for doctors in Europe, Ireland is also known for encouraging doctors regularly to gain additional experience and improve their knowledge and skills. Working in an English-speaking area will also help you gaining confidence using this language which is a first foreign language to many in Europe.

If you see yourself in Ireland in the near future, or just want to find out more about these or other opportunities that are provided, contact us via the form or by email and we will provide all the necessary information 🙂

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