May tenders for medical specialists in Scandinavia

12. May 2023.

Sweden, Norway and Denmark have announced tenders for healthcare workers who want to be permanently employed and build a career in Scandinavian hospitals. The May competitions are open to doctors of various specializations, you can apply until June 15, 2023, and it’s completely simple, and you have our assistance at every step.

Denmark is looking for the largest number of specialist doctors, so tenders are open for:

  • radiology specialist
  • specialist in forensic psychiatry
  • specialist in gynecology (urogynecology)
  • dentists for office takeover positions
  • specialist in breast surgery
  • specialist in emergency medicine
  • specialist in internal medicine with one of the subspecializations (gastroenterology, pulmonology, cardiology or geriatrics)
  • specialist in pathology
  • specialist in urology

Sweden has open competitions for doctors specializing in oncology, psychiatry and gastroenterology.

Norway, like Denmark, has a slightly larger number of open positions for medical specialists who would like to be permanently employed in Scandinavia:

  • specialist in pathology
  • specialist in family medicine
  • specialist in endocrinology
  • specialist in pulmonology
  • specialist in urology
  • specialist in psychiatry
  • specialist in cardiology

Scandinavian countries bring many charms to the lovers of nature and outdoor activities, to those who enjoy balancing work and work, and appreciate history and culture. Excellent working conditions in Scandinavian countries are the result of a society that invests in its members, so the well-being of doctors is as important as the well-being of patients. This means that it is important to use breaks during working hours, to have a daily number of patients to whom the doctor can devote himself, and to invest in further education and specialization. An excellent healthcare system, accessible education and a developed industry ensure that Sweden, Denmark and Norway are the most desirable destinations for life. Find out more about the health system in Sweden here.

Learn more about the experiences of other candidates in the reviews.

Each application is informative and an ideal opportunity to see how everything works in Scandinavia. We highly recommend it to everyone as it gives you a whole new perspective on employment in the Scandinavian healthcare system.

When applying, you must attach your portfolio, which consists of:

  1. CV in English in the form required by Scandinavian hospitals
  2. Motivation letter in English (we also provide you with a form)
  3. Scan of diplomas and certificates of passed specialist exam translated into English
  4. Two recommendations from colleagues you work with or have worked with
  5. A hypothetical Swedish/Norwegian/Danish language learning plan – which we put together.

Contact us for information and a conversation via e-mail or the contact form below so that we can help you make the right decision for you and your family.