New specialist job ads in Scandinavia in November

10. November 2022.

Denmark, Sweden and Norway have announced new specialist jobs in Scandinavian hospitals that you can apply for during November. The process from application to relocation is completely facilitated and reduced to a minimum cost, and takes an average of 10 months, which means a new start in Scandinavia is in the summer or autumn of 2023.

The process begins with the preparation of an application portfolio in which we provide full assistance, followed by an initial online interview. If it goes well, the candidate is invited to visit the hospital in order to personally see a potential workplace, feel the working atmosphere and find out all the answers to questions about life and work in the new work culture. This visit is non-binding which means you have not yet received or accepted a job at this point. After the employment contract is signed, a paid online language course lasting 6-8 months begins, during which time we handle the documentation for you and your family, look for accommodation, potential business opportunities for your partner, and a school or kindergarten for the child. In addition, you receive a stipend during this time. After moving, you are provided with a mentor who helps you in the assimilation process.

New competitions in November are open for healthcare professionals in the fields of: psychiatry, urinogynecology, pathology, anesthesiology, breast surgery, child psychiatry, emergency medicine, family medicine, nuclear medicine, internal medicine, neurology, physiotherapy, radiology, oncology, etc.

Open positions for doctors in Scandinavia during November

A working culture of equality, openness and balance

Scandinavian countries are known for caring for their residents and often end up on the list of the most desirable and happiest places to live. Low unemployment rates, high wages, social cohesion and well-being are values ​​that this region cherishes. The work culture is imbued with equality regardless of gender, age or position. Employees at different levels participate in the decision-making process, and any information about possible improvements is welcome. In addition, Scandinavian countries have better starting salaries for young specialists compared to other countries in order to reduce financial insecurity and ensure greater social cohesion.

Scandinavian hospitals are permeated with open spaces where managers and employees work together, which encourages joint cooperation and teamwork and instills transparency. The hierarchy is flattened, which means that the manager is one of the team members in which everyone is respected and treated equally with a mentoring relationship, and there is no micro-management because the autonomy of the individual is valued. This also means that everyone gets involved quickly when opportunities arise for business celebrations, which further strengthens happiness, satisfaction and involvement in the workplace. It works 36 hours a week, and the number of patients is limited to a daily maximum of 10, which directly affects the reduction of stress levels and improves the balance of work and private life.

Follow our news because we are preparing reviews of doctors from Scandinavia, through which you will have the opportunity to find out first-hand from your colleagues what life is like in a new country, how the recruitment process was and what to expect in a new workplace. If you are interested in some information, you need help preparing your portfolio or you want to hear more about the experiences of colleagues – feel free to contact us because we are always ready to help.