New tenders for healthcare workers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

15. December 2022.

During December and January, job vacancies were opened in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for all healthcare professionals. This central European area is rich in opportunities in hospitals, clinics and private practices for doctors who want to further their career or are ready for a new opportunity.

Doctor’s career in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Germany has announced tenders for specialist doctors, doctors without specialization interested in specialization in Germany, nurses and technicians, and pharmacists. If you already speak German at B2 level, for which you have a certificate, you can choose a job according to your preferences. In order to obtain a work license, healthcare professionals must also pass the Fachsprachprüfung, i.e. the medical German exam, which contains all the key terms and expressions for successful work with patients and colleagues.

Austria is looking for specialist doctors, doctors without specialization interested in specialization in Austria and pharmacists. In this German-speaking country as well, knowledge of the language is a prerequisite for obtaining a license, but, unlike in Germany, at the C1 level and mandatory passing of the Fachsprachprüfung exam.

Switzerland is looking for specialist doctors and non-specialist doctors who are interested in specializing in Switzerland. To work in Swiss hospitals, the Fachsprachprüfung exam is not a prerequisite, but knowledge of the German language at the B2 level is. Since January 2023, this country has re-introduced quotas for Croatian citizens, so those who apply early and start working in the first part of the new year have the best opportunity to work in this country.


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Living and working in German-speaking countries is attractive to many because of the high standard of living. A strong economy makes it easier to find a job, and good salaries for medical workers and numerous benefits for doctors are an advantage. Work in hospitals and institutions is arranged according to the needs of patients, so for example surgeons can work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., while doctors in hospitals or rehabilitation centers can be assigned to shifts.

Austria, Germany and Switzerland are known for dedicated work, meeting deadlines and high service standards. However, these countries also offer numerous locations for cultural development or physical activity, time for family and fun, and options for developing one’s own interests and hobbies even in private time.

Full assistance to candidates

If you are interested in a new start in the heart of Europe, apply. We provide assistance during the entire employment process – from application to the competition to preparation for interviews, help with obtaining a license, finding accommodation and organizing a kindergarten or school for children. After you have moved and started working, you can still count on us because we help during assimilation into the new work and living environment.

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