New year, new job in Scandinavia

13. December 2022.

New Year’s resolutions are promises to ourselves that in the following year we will be a better version of a person. With these decisions, we try to fix the segments that will lead us to a better quality, more successful and healthier life. We promise ourselves that we will eat less junk food, go to the gym more or increase the number of steps. We decide to enroll in language courses, travel to a desired destination or climb a distant mountain peak. We want to be the best we can be, so we expect the same from our environment, which often stands in the way of the realization of our decisions.

So why not decide to improve your private and business life and give yourself a new start in Scandinavia?

Apply during December for open job vacancies for healthcare professionals in Denmark, Sweden and Norway starting in the summer or autumn of 2023. Experience a completely new way of working in an environment that mentors and encourages the growth of its employees, invests in education and provides balance in the workplace. Hospitals are looking for specialists in psychiatry, dentistry, neurology, anesthesiology, cardiology, oncology and other specialties that you can check in the table. It doesn’t matter if your specialty is not listed in the table, be sure to contact us and see what opportunities are open to you.

Scandinavia – the new land of the free

In recent years, Scandinavia has firmly held the first place when it comes to a balanced life. Free education, textbooks and materials for children, care for employees at workplaces, and time for family and private hobbies are everyday things for the residents of this region. The inhabitants of Denmark, Sweden and Norway themselves are kind and respectful to each other, and even the superiors are happy to hear your opinion about treatment, procedures or any other suggestions if you have them. You can work full-time or part-time, depending on how you agree with the hospital, and training and seminars for health personnel are encouraged and supported. Find out what it’s like to live in Sweden from the experiences of our past candidates who found happiness in the far north.

Absolutely simple application and process to move

Incor provides assistance with the entire process of applying for an open tender. Send us your resume and portfolio and leave yourself in our safe hands. During this competition, you will have the opportunity to speak with a potential employer through an initial digital interview followed by a visit to the hospital, if it provides one. The visit is not binding, so at this point you have not accepted or received a job offer, but only after you sign the offer. When the contract is signed, the exciting period of learning Swedish, Norwegian or Danish begins from the comfort of your armchair through an interactive online course. During the learning process, you receive a scholarship, and your paperwork and that of your family is handled “in the background”. Adequate accommodation, potential business opportunities for a partner, school or kindergarten for children are being sought, your belongings are being transported to a new apartment, and a mentor is waiting for you at your new workplace who will be at your disposal for the next 6 months.