New competition for nurses in Demark

15. November 2021.

New competition for nurses is open in Denmark at the intensive care unit (ICU) department.

Your main priority as a staff specialist in Denmark will be diagnosing and treating your patients.  the opportunity to participate in various research projects, advance your career, and receive every support you need to excel not only professionally but also personally.

Work is organised in a family-friendly way and you will have time to spend with your family or to further develop your skills with your 37-hour workweeks.

The department functions as a single unit and is standardized for 50 beds + 3 child places with approximately 4,500 admissions and 30,000 outpatient visits annually. The medicine bed section currently has 34 beds and covers most medical specialities. Overall coordination of this area is handled by two clinically supervised trained nurses. Department receives a broad patient clientele within internal medicine and includes cardiology, pulmonary medicine, endocrinology, neurology, geriatrics, palliation, nephrology with dialysis function and oncology as well as acute paediatrics. Daily conferences where many specialities are gathered at the same time provides a good opportunity for sparring and interdisciplinary learning.

There are currently approximately 55 employees. The hospital gives high priority to educational responsibility, and all employees are expected to have a positive attitude towards having students under their wings.

medical nurse medicinska sestra tehničar

We are providing our assistance from the first contact as we help you with the creation of a professional CV, cover letter, prepare you for a Skype interview and work together on all the steps that precede your employment in Scandinavia.

What does the process of applying for competition in Denmark look like?

During the process, candidates have the opportunity to contact the hospital via Skype and have a paid visit to the city and the hospital for 2-4 days to get to know potential colleagues in person, and of course the place itself. If you decide to accept the offer after the visit, of course, provided that they like your profile and have prepared an offer for you, the specialists and their families go on a paid online language course lasting 5 months. We use this same period to find the apartment of your choice, a job for your spouse, educational institutions for the youngest and organize everything you need in the process of moving to make you feel like you have been living in Denmark for several months.

All the applications are of an informative nature, so feel free to reach to us at or by the contact form to get additional information about this competition, as well as other opportunities we offer for nurses.

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