Opportunities for 5 nurses in Sweden – ICU and surgery

07. October 2021.

A hospital in southern Sweden is looking for 2 nurses with experience in the intensive care unit. At the same time, a hospital in a neighbouring town about 1 hour away prepared an offer for 3 nurses who have experience in the operating room, that is, in the surgery department. A high level of work ethic, openness and cooperation with other colleagues are necessary to provide patients with the highest level of care. Candidates are expected to possess the necessary qualities to fit into the new environment in Sweden, and hence advance in personal professional development.

The clinic for operations and intensive care has about 350 employees. The intensive care unit has 7 beds, an operating room with 18 beds, 3 inpatient wards, day surgery (also a children’s ward), a sterile technical unit and an administrative part. The work of the clinic primarily includes care for patients in the city district, but in some parts also for patients in the rest of the region. The ICU department works in 3 shifts, which includes day, evening and night shifts. Weekend duties are included approximately every 3 weeks and there are no additional on-calls. Overtime work is carefully regulated and paid in addition to the basic salary, which you will discuss in more detail directly with employers in the application process.

The position of the nurse in the surgical team in the operating room includes responsibility for materials and hygiene, as well as the well-being and integrity of the patient. In addition to the necessary knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and surgical practices, the job also includes support in the departments of orthopaedics, gynaecology and urology, ENT, and anaesthesia. The position includes working hours with 7-night shifts in 15 weeks, which includes both independent work and teamwork.

The ideal candidate has a specialist degree or has 5 years of work experience in a specialist department (meaning 5 years in the intensive care unit or 5 years in the operating room if you do not have a specialist diploma), manages patients independently and copes with situations requiring surgical, gynaecological or urological patient care. ICU requires experience in drug preparation and independent management of ICU patients. Experience working with children, caring for patients on a respirator, working with PRIZMA dialysis and A-CPR competencies are additional advantages in employment. Candidates applying for the surgical department especially value the ability to focus on each patient individually. A work license in an EU member state is required to apply for any of these competitions.

ICU medicinske sestre nursesWe are providing our assistance from the first contact as we help you with the creation of a professional CV, cover letter, prepare you for a Skype interview and work together on all the steps that precede your employment in Scandinavia.

What can I expect when applying for a position in Sweden?

We provide support to our candidates during the entire departure process. We help find a job for a spouse, educational institutions for the youngest members of the family, apartments, and everything else necessary in your relocation to Sweden. Candidates who accept the hospital’s offer and sign a contract have a paid language course for the whole family up to a B2 level. and the hospital pays them all fees in the departure process (costs of relocation of your private belongings, plane tickets, obtaining a license, etc) which greatly aids the departure process. The candidates themselves go through an organized program of additional language training and introduction to the Swedish health care system, which occurs once you move to Sweden.

All the applications are of an informative nature, so feel free to reach to us at info@incor.hr or by the contact form to get additional information about this opportunity!

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