October: Denmark, Sweden, and Norway Are Looking for New Specialists

09. October 2023.

Do you like the tranquil Scandinavian landscapes, or perhaps the high-quality, smooth healthcare system of the Nordic countries? Then October can be your month of lucky opportunities! Denmark, Norway, and Sweden are looking for new specialists.

Scandinavian landscapes are made for relaxing after a long, hard-working week.

If you’re eager to move to a more orderly country, work in a dignified environment, or live in a system that appreciates your work, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway could be a perfect match.

Nordic countries consistently rank at the very top of the list of “the happiest” countries, and there are many reasons why that’s so. A favorable financial situation and competitive salaries certainly contribute to this, but trust in institutions, their quality, and a sense of personal freedom play a large role, too.

Does that sound just like something you’re looking for? We’re bringing you open calls in Scandinavian countries in October 2023. All you need to do is find a job you like — we handle the entire application process for you!


This month, Denmark is the leading country when it comes to the number of open positions for specialists:

  • Anesthesiology specialists – two open positions
  • Pulmology specialists – one open position
  • Gastroenterology specialists – one open position
  • Radiology specialists – five open positions
  • Psychiatry specialists – two open positions
  • Forensic psychiatry specialist – one open position
  • Urogynecology specialist – one open position
  • Orthodontists/dentists with 3+ years of work experience – open positions for taking over existing practices with patients + private patients
  • Emergency medicine specialists – two open positions
  • Internal medicine specialists who are also cardiologists, gastroenterologists, pulmologists, or geriatricians – two open positions
  • Pathology specialist – one open position
  • Urology specialist – one open position
  • Clinical biochemistry specialist (doctors of medicine, clinical biochemistry/laboratory medicine specialists) – two open positions


Sweden has a total of 16 open positions in October:

  • Endocrinology specialists – two open positions
  • Neurology specialists – two open positions
  • Emergency medicine specialists – two open positions
  • Radiology specialists – three open positions
  • Psychiatry specialists – two open positions
  • Emergency medicine specialists – five open positions


Norway will give an opportunity to eight specialists:

  • Radiology specialists – three open positions
  • Psychiatry specialists – one open position
  • Endocrinology specialists – one open position
  • Pathology specialists – one open position
  • Internal medicine specialists with a subspecialization (pulmology, gastroenterology, nephrology, cardiology, or geriatrics) – two open positions

Denmark, Sweden, and Norway: Side Jobs

If you’re already working as a specialist in the Scandinavian system, we have two opportunities for you:

Contact us for help with your portfolio and your application.

Not sure whether living in Scandinavia is right for you? This review by two anesthesiologists may help. We’ve helped them get their desired jobs in Sweden, so they can give you some useful insights.

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