Opportunities for 2 oncology specialists

24. May 2021.

Among the new competitions we have received for specialists in Sweden, we have received new opportunities for 2 oncology specialists who have gained experience in the EU. Both jobs are provided in the same top hospital located in an attractive location in the heart of Scandinavia.

The hospital is specifically looking for a scientifically qualified chief physician in oncology with a focus on prostate cancer and an interest in research and development, while the other position concerns an oncology specialist with experience in one of the domains: lung cancer, head and neck cancer, oesophageal cancer, brain tumours, lymphoma, thyroid cancer, neuroendocrine cancer, isotope treatment and paediatric radiotherapy.

The hospital performs all types of solid tumour treatment and regularly conducts scientific research in the field of oncology.

The salary is based on an individual basis and is influenced by your experience and competence. We encourage interested specialists to apply for the most detailed information as the hospital will discuss your individual situation.

oncology jobs onkolozi švedska sweden

What can I expect when applying for a position in Sweden?

We provide support to our candidates during the entire process of departure, we help in finding a job for a spouse, educational institutions for the youngest members of the family, apartments and everything else necessary in your relocation to Sweden. Candidates who accept the hospital’s offer and sign a contract have a paid language course for the whole family up to a B2 level. and the hospital pays them all fees in the departure process (costs of relocation of your private belongings, plane tickets, obtaining a license, etc) which greatly aids the departure process. The candidates themselves go through an organized program of additional language training and introduction to the Swedish health care system, which occurs once you move to Sweden.

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